Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey, Blog! Remember Me?

I didn't think so, as I barely remembered that you existed.

How can I go 5 months without a comment? Easily - life happened.

And I haven't been too cheery lately.

My husband was let go from his job in March, right after he went back to work from a medical leave after FINALLY getting his carpal tunnel surgery done, that we have to pay for, since the VA wouldn't do it, even though he suffered with the pain for over 5 years.  He will probably never have the strength in that hand or total feeling, because the surgeon freely admits that there was probably irreparable damage to that hand.

So, besides fighting to get his short-term disability payments, because the insurance company was fighting us over us having VA disability, then we had to fight for unemployment.

The job search is wearing on him, but he has had several calls and has a live interview lined up in a couple of weeks.  And some that he really wishes would call him back.

I am down to my last four security check appointments. I'm hoping that they will issue the information gathering contracts soon, so I can keep money coming in. Crossing my fingers.

He is going on a field trip to the state capitol tomorrow with the oldest.  He's SOOOOO glad that I volunteered him for that, but I figured it might be his only chance to do so, and that's the one he needs to spend more time with.

Haircut and color for me today. I can't wait for a little pampering and I am WAY past the point that I should have had my hair done, but since it was the bleepity-bleep coldest winter ever, what point was there in it, when I was doing everything with a stocking cap on?

So, good morning, blog. I can't say that I won't forget you again, but I hope to see you again sooner than five months from now.