Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm supposed to be doing homework

My book is open, my workbook is open.  Pencil and calculator are at hand.  I even have a deadline and MUST have the homework done and the test taken by next week Monday.


However, I am completely lost and frustrated with this chapter and that is the downside of online learning and having a vehicle in the shop - no effective way to communicate with the professor about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of Bond Accounting.  Yep, even the phrase sounds like Greek to me.

So not what I want to be doing with my Accounting classes.  I am looking forward to the last three that I have to take.  The last five chapters in this class, not so much.

Sigh, the only thing to do is do it. Oh, wait, I could go do dishes, or laundry, or clean the living room.

Yeah, Yeah, back to the chapter from hell.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time...

Such was the subject of an email I received from my older, much older (!) sister this weekend.  It was such a cute email, that I'm going to put it out here as one of those memories that I don't want to forget.

There was born a second daughter.  The eldest being jealous of the new baby attempted to bake her in a cardboard oven.  She was thwarted by the king and queen. 

Through the years the first and second born daughters of this family would make attempts on each others' lives.  They were not very good at this for they have both survived into adulthood.  Not sure how adult they act, but they lived and the eldest is very happy about that.

Happy Birthday, Traci.

Love you.


Mom didn't remember it being an oven, just thought it was a hideout and this made Mom very glad that they had good gates on the stairs when I, the hapless younger child, was pushed around in a clothes basket car!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fix-it's Birthday

In two weeks, my little girl will be 5!

When asked what she wants for a birthday present, I was told, "You know, that thing you've been hiding in the back of the truck!"

Little bugger!  Guess she knows that she is getting a remote control 4-wheeler for her birthday.  Unless, I play the mean Mom and give it to her for Christmas.  But what fun are RC toys in December?  Nah, guess I have to give it to her while she can still play with it outside on the driveway.

I also asked her what cake she wants for her birthday.  We still don't have an answer on that one.  I'm going to have to keep asking about that.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As I was checking email this morning, this is the conversation that I heard coming from behind the couch where Fix-it and Bug were playing with the pirates and pirate ship:

Bug: "Aye, matey!  I'm Captain Swashbuckle, the meanest and best pirate, ever!"

Fixit: "Hi, Captain Swashbuckle.  I'm Captain Barnacle.  Wanna do mean pirate stuff together?"

Bug: "Why sure, Captain Barnacle.  What do mean pirates do?"

Fixit: "Well, we steal people's gold and it turns into pirate treasure.  We make treasure maps to find our treasure.  And the best thing we do...we make people WALK THE PLANK."  (followed by a giggle fit.)

Bug: (still cracking up about walking the plank): "Do you get people with your swords, too?"

Fixit: "Yep!  We chop their heads off if they don't walk the plank."

I'm glad they use their imaginations, but not so sure about the blood-thirstiness of it all! :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Well, That is Just Spectacular!

It is 1:47 a.m.

Yep!  You read that right - 1:47 a.m.

"Why," you might ask, am I awake at such an early hour?


That would begin the story of the spectacularness that has been my early morning.

It began by being scared awake by my youngest, Fix-it, standing by me with the ever-popular middle-of-the-night proclamation, "I barfed."

It is quite spectacular how much mess can be made by throwing up next to the bed, when you occupy the top bunk and the floor is messy.

It was so spectacular that I woke up my husband to help clean that bit of loveliness up.  He was recruited to take Bug's blanket, that was hanging off her bed, downstairs while I kept cleaning up the floor and everything else.  Bug woke up long enough as I was uncovering her to tell me that she better not barf on the blanket she was using now.

Told Fix-it to go get a bowl from downstairs.  That is bowl number 1.

She came back upstairs to report that K was already downstairs on the couch with a bowl.  That is bowl number 2.  She had come downstairs about midnight after throwing up in the bathroom upstairs and cleaning up her own mess.

I come downstairs with Fix-it's blanket to add to the laundry (remember, the reason I was awake), to find my husband worshipping the porcelain goddess.

Spotting the trend, yet?

That, dear folks, is bowl number 3.

I told him to take one upstairs to put by Bug, in case, she too had reason to use it.  That is bowl number 4.

Now that I am sure I gave my family food poisoning from the really good turkey curry salad I made for supper, I am sitting in my chair trying to decide if my stomach doesn't feel good, or if it is the power of suggestion.

To be on the safe side, I think it will be bowl number 5 when I head back upstairs.

So, final score for the night:

Food Poisoning: 1      The Family:  0

Final tally, so far at 2:02 a.m.:

1 bad batch of turkey curry salad - which I will never be able to make again, even though it tasted really good
2 blankets hit by one kid
3 people sick, so far
4 things to throw away: the rest of the curry, the fresh lettuce from Mom's garden, the pine nuts that we've never had before, and the stock I have going in the slow cooker from the turkey carcass
5 bowls deployed

Yep, this is just spectacular!  (They really need to invent a sarcasm font!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goats - Grrrrr

This week, we DO NOT have funny goats. We have super naughty, going to ship or butcher goats.

We've been setting up an electric net fence around the yard and moving them to it every day and back to their permanent fence at night.  It's amazing what a shake of corn can lead those guys to.  Until this week, when they decided that "heck with that awesome patch of brush and bushes and tall grass that she weed-whacked around for us - let's go for her burning bush, and her lily trees, and the asparagus patch"

Why did I let them go to all these places?

I didn't, they have now learned to resist the siren's call of the corn shaking in the feed bucket and madness and mayhem have resulted in goats all over the blasted yard - 7 of them in 7 different directions.

They are on house arrest and can longingly look at the grass and brush and have to be happy with their crappy hay and the tall weeds I whacked down for them.

I can no longer lead the beasts to the fencing and put them out by myself.  In fact, this weekend, all five of use couldn't get them in the correct spot.

Last night, I weed-whacked a path across the creek and then back again.  There is a huge patch of grass and brush to be eaten in this path.  I'm not going to be able to set up the fence by myself and definitely not be able to get them over there by myself.

The cattle did appreciate getting all the weeds I whacked, though.  Might have to keep doing that to clear out the creek and feeding them.  I am still messed up in the head, though.  (Wow, that came out wrong!)  Even after taking allergy medicine, I am still stuffed up from that, though.

I love having animals.  The goats are getting reconsidered, however.  They might end up on Craigslist.  The human kids don't like the goats' milk and they are drying off.  Which is my fault, but I had to worm them all and the withdrawl on the wormer was 2-3 weeks.  I wasn't going to milk them to just throw the milk away.  Therefore, I left the babies with them.

I think Craigslist is the answer for at least 5 of the 7.  Two of them might get a reprieve because they are cute.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Hard to believe that it is already June 6th!

Yesterday, my Bug graduated from Kindergarten.  I'll admit it, this Mom had some tears in her eyes, but they didn't last long.  My child is such a goofball, that she kept ducking behind another student to hide from the camera (grr) and then wouldn't even sit with us after they were done and we were watching the rest of the school awards. (double grr).

Another way that I know it is summer vacation:  It's 5:20 a.m. and all 3 of my children are up and moving.  I wanted to sleep in this morning but have to do data entry for appointments.  No dragging them out of bed, no snuggling while they woke up, just up and playing already.

Weather is not summer-like.  It's only 49 F outside and it's only supposed to get up to 57 F.  And it's raining again.

The garden still isn't in.  The grass needs to be cut - again. The poor goats think that I'm neglecting them, since it's been too wet to move their temporary fence, and they've been stuck eating dry hay (boo hoo!) The house is getting appraised for a re-fiance on Monday and it's not clean.  The cattle are starting to petition for an ark.

What a difference a year makes!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They Have Names...But no pictures....

Well, after long deliberation and lots of judicial use of Mommy-veto power, the steers and heifer have names. (and since I haven't taken any pictures of them, you'll just have to go with it)

They are a trio.  Good trios should have names, right?  Good names, right?

Probably true, even though you know that it will eventually be a solo act, since the two steers will be branching off into other career paths down the road.

First, I'll describe the animals:

Steer 1: He's a Lineback, which is a black animal with white stripe and spots on head and middle of back.  He's a beefier animal who enjoys being first at the feed trough for grain and might be considered a bully by some.  He's the leader of the pack and weighs a healthy 450+ pounds. Head scratches are considered one of his favorite things. He might sneak up behind you and startle you.

Steer 2: He's a dark Jersey steer, so very dark to almost black brown with several white spots.  He doesn't plan on leaving the safety of a duo until at least next summer.  He's a follower and very shy. He weighs in about 250 pounds.

Heifer:  She's a small Jersey heifer with typical brown Jersey coloring.  She's shy, but loves the grain bucket, if you hold it.  She isn't aggressive enough to get in by the grain, so enjoys quiet moments by herself (and with you - as long as you are holding the bucket).  She will tolerate an occasional head scratch, as long as it is down unobtrusively while holding the bucket.  She weighs about 250 pounds.

Now that you have met the contestants, um, animals, let's walk through the naming process:

My first thought, and the one that got stuck in my brain, was, Bibbity, Bobbity, and Boo.  With Boo being the Lineback and Bibbity being the heifer.  I sold two of the kids on this scheme, one flatly refused, and my husband just shook his head.  So, it was temporarily sidelined, while we went back to the drawing board.

Daughter 1 suggested Skunky, Ginger, and Blacky.  Veto Power!

Then, we thought of various trios:

Han, Luke, Leia
Larry, Curly, Moe
Kirk, Spock, Ahura,
Kirk, Picard, Janeway
Peter, Paul, Mary
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Mario, Luigi, Peach
Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

the list continued, with nothing "popping" as the right names.

Until that fateful day...

I was heading out with the grain bucket to dump the grain for the boys and hang on to the bucket for the girl, when I said, "Honey, come here."  Lightning moment - we could call her Honey.

I talked to my youngest daughter about Honey, and she said that we should call her Miss Honey.  She has become Miss Honey - which we can't say without adding a southern soft drawl.

The big guy is great at sneaking up on us, so "Boo" is still perfect for him.

The middle daughter came up with the other steer's name.  She said that he looked like a night sky and that his patches of white could be the stars and the moon, so he has been dubbed Midnight.

It took us a week, but we came up with the perfect names for our new critters.

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Already May 20th!

How did that happen?

How did three weeks fly by?

So, what has happened in the last few weeks?

  • We got the electro-net fencing from Premier 1 and have been moving the goats around the yard everyday.  We only had a few mishaps with it while they learned to "fear the fence."
  • Fix-it went to a friend's house to her first non-relative play date.  It was even a GIRLfriend - and double bonus - they only live 2 miles away!
  • Got two steers and a heifer calf - we're still thinking about names.
More later.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday - April 29, 2013

It was a gorgeous weekend.  70 both days, with a slight breeze.

I think the girls spent every waking moment outside, which would explain the little bit of red on noses, cheeks, necks, and ears.  Gotta get the sunscreen out again.  And since we've had winter until last week, nobody remembered to drink enough water.

I think we were all cranky and slightly dehydrated by the end of Sunday.

We got a lot accomplished, too.

Cleaned out the temporary goat pen from the garage. Penned in the round bale and fixed the fence around it. Picked up sticks and garbage from the yard. Pumped up tires and got bikes ready to roll.

Now, it's Monday afternoon.  I have homework to work on, but have a headache.  I'm hoping the sinus stuff will kick in shortly.

It's been raining on-and-off all day. Right now, the sun is trying to peek through.

I got a roast out for supper, but I really don't want roast for supper.  I think I'll hold off on that until tomorrow. So, I have to head back to the deep freeze to find something else.

I even have my husband on board for making the "summer" goat pen bigger and tie it together with the winter pen.  Accomplishes the following: Goats will have more area to move around the yard and it gives me less to mow!  Seriously, the savings in gas will almost pay for the fence this summer, especially since I'm cutting the mowable area in half - when you have 3 1/2 acres, taking out half of that is a big deal.  And we're going to pick up the grass whenever I do mow, so we can feed the goats that.

Alright, time to look in the freezer and get back to Accounting Principles homework. Blech!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Six Weeks!

I was informed by my oldest daughter that there is ONLY SIX WEEKS UNTIL SUMMER VACATION!

Six weeks???

Six weeks!



It it 6:39 a.m. and I already have a daughters-induced headache.  Just waiting for the youngest to get on her bus.

Please let the weather warm up and the ground dry up, so I can send them outside (and very possibly lock the door behind them.)

Wow!  It's shaping up to be a very LONG summer.  I better start the chore list already.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today is an Ugh day.

Had to take the dog in for minor surgery on her ear - she has a hematoma - which is major fluid/blood build up in the floppy part of her ear.  She did have to be put under for it, so not exactly minor.  She's had ear issue ever since we got her, so she's been slightly psychotic about her ears, so unfortunately ignored her.

The vet just called and she's still groggy, but they are open until 8 tonight, so I can pick her up after my hubby gets home.

Then, the goats have magicked their way out of their pen TWICE today!  As a matter of fact, Bitty is still wandering the yard, because I can't catch her again.  Once by myself was amazing, twice ain't happenin'!

And since the goats have gotten out twice, they have shut the door to the chicken coop, twice, so I have to go back and open that again.

Luckily, Opie the Sheep, has not managed to squeeze his way out, but then he gets mad and pushes on the fence.

Plus, my back hurts.  It is probably getting back at me for the weekend travelling across state for a birthday party and a First Communion celebrations. Spent over 11 hours in the car all told.  I don't know how truck drivers do it!

I should be working on homework - only two chapters in each subject left and only two weeks of school, but I don't wanna!  It's boring!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Really....It's April

We have had the weirdest weather in the last 24 hours:

2 inches of rain - normal for Wisconsin in April
1/2 sleet that turned to accumulating ice
3 inches of HEAVY snow

The roads are crap.  Schools are delayed.  My poor goats got evicted from the premium suite to make room for the latest guests.  And, I down to the last leaf of hay and my hay guy hasn't gotten back to me.


We're supposed to get a repeat of this el crappito weather in the next 24-48 hours.

If I ever see another groundhog, so help me....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

They've All Done It!

This is a picture of Fixit from a week ago:

And these two are from tonight after I had to do an emergency hair repair after she chopped her hair off.


 It looks SOOO different now.  But at the moment, this is a face of repentance - ok, it's really a face of "oh no, I got caught!"  But when the difference is about 8 inches, I think I'm going to notice!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

PHEW! That was close!

Fixit is a major tomboy.

Wait, that might be putting it mildly.

She loves getting the hand-me-downs from her boy cousins. She plays pirates, dinosaurs, and super heroes.

So, you could say it was a bit of a surprise when she wanted to wear a dress to Easter Sunday Mass.  Grandma did witness this bit of astonishment, but she changed so fast after we got home, that Grandpa thinks it was a figment of our imagination.

Now, this morning was a real kicker.

She was going to wear a DRESS to SCHOOL!  (This is jaw-dropping, stop-the-presses type amazement!)  She actually came downstairs Wearing. The. Dress!

Then, her personality kicked in.  She looked down at the very cute polka-dotted dress and told me that she had to go look in the dryer.

At this point, I was hoping that she had undies on, because frankly, I was in shock.

She came back out wearing a super hero shirt and pants (and undies!).  She looked at me and told me, "That was close!"

What was close?

"I almost went to school looking like a girl!"

Yep! That's my girl.

And frankly, I still think her boyfriend is the luckiest 5-year-old on Earth.  He has a girlfriend that plays pirates, dinosaurs, and superheroes!

p.s. If, and that is a huge IF, she had actually gone to school in a dress, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a phone call from her very girly 4K teacher wondering what had happened.  I'm glad that I didn't have to try and explain that.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Look who I found!

This was waiting for me outside in the calf hut where we currently have our goats in their winter pen.

Babies were NOT supposed to be here, yet.  I was supposed to have a couple of weeks before we got babies.  So, either I can't count, which is a possibility, or the goats can't count.  I'm going to blame it on their counting.

Isn't she sweet?  She's only 9 inches tall and maybe weighs 4#.

She doesn't have a name, yet.  I have exercised veto rights on the names: First, Goatie, Rita, and Kendle.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Barnyard Boogie

Today is the first installment of a new series I shall pen, called the dances I do.

Today we are discussing the Barnyard Boogie.  Not to be confused with the Shed Slide or the Icy Jive - we'll get to those.

Here are the details of how to properly do the Barnyard Boogie.

1. Drive into farmer's yard and pray that you are parked on a "safe" spot.
2. Grab all your gear: clipboard, papers, pen & pencil.
3. Step from the vehicle and pray that you stay standing.
4. Inch around the door, because of course there is no "safe" spot to park in a farmer's driveway in March.
5. Shut the door and realize that the momentum of shutting the door causes you to be propelled away from the car.
6. Use your arms to steady yourself.
7. Inch your way around in a circle and shuffle towards a spot in the yard that looks a little rougher than every other piece of glare ice.
8. Hope that you don't have to walk between buildings and that you can somehow manage to see their cows, calves, and equipment from the same doorway.
9. Of course you can't go in one doorway and see what you need to see, so repeat steps 6 & 7 as many times as needed to complete today's farm visit.
10. Then, proceed to boogie your way back to the vehicle.

The art involved is totally about timing.  If you are thinking Barnyard Boogie, but the dance floor is set up for the Shed Slid or the Icy Jive - you're sunk.

Luckily, for me, today was a day of Barnyard Boogie.  After it warms up a little more today and then freezes again over night, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to be in a Shed Slide mindset.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pray for Benedict XVI

The shocking (?) news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28, 2013 came out this morning.

Shocking in that the last Pope to leave the position was 600 years ago.  Not shocking in that he is 85 years old and his health has obviously been waning.

Resign is a poor term, because he is not leaving a known successor to the papacy.  The Conclave will not convene until March 2013.  A better term would be abdicate.

We need to pray for the pontiff and all the cardinals that the correct choice is made to continue building the faith and the number of faithful.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stash Bash

I'm linking up with Crunchy Catholic Momma for her Stash Bash.

This one is going to be pretty boring, since my camera is doing weird things and I can't figure out why it is acting sick. (shrug) So, no pictures.

I finally got back to the afghan I am crocheting for my baby brother. (Baby brother, only because he's the youngest, definitely not because of his 350lb, 6'2" size!)

His requirements:
1. Make it warm
2. Make it big
3. Don't use pink or purple
4. Make it washable in hot or cold, so he don't have to pay attention to what he's doing.

Everything else was fair game.

Let me tell you, this thing was exact.  (not really)

I chained until I couldn't stretch my arms to cover it from end to end. Then I started to do a half double crochet stitch with two strands of yarn through out the entire thing.  So, it's about 7 feet long and about 5 feet wide.  I am using two different colors at once, and just keep going until the half skeins of scrap yarn is done and add in another one.  You'll have to take my word on it that it is kind of neat to see how the colors go from one set of colors and how it changes by just switching one skein of yarn at a time.

I have about two more rows to finish before I use the black I've had forever that never gets used in a house of 3 girls as the edging.  I should have it done for him before he comes home from college this weekend.

Stash Busting Total: I used about 15-20 partial skeins of acrylic yarn from the stash.  If I had to count and tell you how much was left, I think I would cringe in embarrassment - probably from having to admit to my husband (and myself) how much I still have.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy Weather

Mother Nature has officially flipped her lid.

Today, it is going to be raining and up to 46 F - which could be record warms here in northeast Wisconsin.  Tomorrow, the warm weather is going to run into cold weather and we could get up to 9 inches of snow.  Then, Thursday we have a high of 10 F with possible below zero windchills.  Friday, the high temperature is supposed to be 7 and we could see windchill temperatures as low as -25 F.  That is a 71 degree change in our weather over 4 days.

I think she needs to go on a vacation and return us to regularly scheduled winter, please.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm a Mean Mom

Just ask my kids and I'm sure that is what they would tell you.  (especially after the Mom-sized hissy fit this morning when they weren't listening to me).

We have had everyone in the house get that nasty stomach bug where it is coming out one end or the other (graphic - sorry) for the past week.  Frankly, I'm on my last nerve of sick, whiny people, so I have no patience.

I haven't even been able to kick the healthy ones outside this past week, since today is the first day that our windchills have gone above 0 F.  Tuesday, we had windchills about -40 F, the actual temperature was like -11 F.  (Brrrr!)  So, they needed to stay in at school (when they were able to go), too.

We all have cabin fever.  I stuck my body outside, looking like a black polar bear in all my layers, to do chores.  That was it!

Tomorrow morning, I have errands to run and I'm going to do them on my own!!!!!! Mwa ha ha!  And they are going to take a REALLY, REALLY long time!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glub, Glub, Glub

Those lovely noises are the sounds of me slowing sinking and drowning in my accounting quicksand.

How it the heck can asset accounts be increase by debits and debit accounts increased by credits?

Sound like gibberish?  Yep, that is what is sounds like to me, too.

So, I'm trying to figure out my online class with the help of other online resources - namely nothing to do with the most horribly written accounting book ever!  gaaaaaaaa

Monday, January 21, 2013

It is Crazy Cold

-5 degrees F.

Yep.  That is what my thermometer is reading right now.

However, let me clarify something.  That already frigid temperature is BEFORE adding in the windchill.

You got it folks.  The wind is whipping at about 15 miles per hour.

So, we are sitting at about -20 degrees F.

We bedded down the animals with extra hay and shavings last night and gave them extra food.

This morning for chores, I had my long underwear on top and bottom, shirt and pants, winter boots, scarf, neoprene face mask, hat, thick Carhart jacket, thick gloves.  Pretty sure I looked like a black polar bear wandering around - and I was still frozen.

We have two heat lamps going in the chicken coop - and the water was still frozen.  I had brought out hot water and poured that in their waterer.  I let them drink for awhile, refilling it.  I'll have to go out at noon to give them some more water.  Thank goodness for the goat's heated waterer, but they still enjoyed the hot water that I added to their bucket.  They will probably need more water at noon, too.  People forget how easy it is for people and animals to dehydrate when it is cold - even worse when it is bitterly cold.

I was outside for 20 minutes doing chores. Winter chores usually don't take me that long, but I had to make sure the animals were taken care of.  Honestly, even though I was bundled up, it was COLD.  And to boot, just being out there wipes all the energy from you.

Stay warm.  Tomorrow is going to be even colder - supposed to get wind chills down to -40 degrees F.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shhh... Do You Hear That?

Shhhh, just take a listen.

Do you hear that?







Me neither!

That nothing you hear (don't hear?) is the sound of an empty house - as in my husband and children are back to work and school after 11 days of being home.

Sigh of relief

Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but by last night, we were driving each other nuts.  So, back to normal - except for the temperature which was a chilly 11 this morning.