Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stash Bash

I'm linking up with Crunchy Catholic Momma for her Stash Bash.

This one is going to be pretty boring, since my camera is doing weird things and I can't figure out why it is acting sick. (shrug) So, no pictures.

I finally got back to the afghan I am crocheting for my baby brother. (Baby brother, only because he's the youngest, definitely not because of his 350lb, 6'2" size!)

His requirements:
1. Make it warm
2. Make it big
3. Don't use pink or purple
4. Make it washable in hot or cold, so he don't have to pay attention to what he's doing.

Everything else was fair game.

Let me tell you, this thing was exact.  (not really)

I chained until I couldn't stretch my arms to cover it from end to end. Then I started to do a half double crochet stitch with two strands of yarn through out the entire thing.  So, it's about 7 feet long and about 5 feet wide.  I am using two different colors at once, and just keep going until the half skeins of scrap yarn is done and add in another one.  You'll have to take my word on it that it is kind of neat to see how the colors go from one set of colors and how it changes by just switching one skein of yarn at a time.

I have about two more rows to finish before I use the black I've had forever that never gets used in a house of 3 girls as the edging.  I should have it done for him before he comes home from college this weekend.

Stash Busting Total: I used about 15-20 partial skeins of acrylic yarn from the stash.  If I had to count and tell you how much was left, I think I would cringe in embarrassment - probably from having to admit to my husband (and myself) how much I still have.


  1. Woah, sounds like quite a project! I hope you can get your camera working so we can see pictures! I love anything that utilizes scrap, my favorite blankets were made this way :)

  2. You sure did use up alot of yarn : ) and you remind me that I have a ripple afghan that I need to finish before my baby is grown.


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