Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fix-it's Birthday

In two weeks, my little girl will be 5!

When asked what she wants for a birthday present, I was told, "You know, that thing you've been hiding in the back of the truck!"

Little bugger!  Guess she knows that she is getting a remote control 4-wheeler for her birthday.  Unless, I play the mean Mom and give it to her for Christmas.  But what fun are RC toys in December?  Nah, guess I have to give it to her while she can still play with it outside on the driveway.

I also asked her what cake she wants for her birthday.  We still don't have an answer on that one.  I'm going to have to keep asking about that.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As I was checking email this morning, this is the conversation that I heard coming from behind the couch where Fix-it and Bug were playing with the pirates and pirate ship:

Bug: "Aye, matey!  I'm Captain Swashbuckle, the meanest and best pirate, ever!"

Fixit: "Hi, Captain Swashbuckle.  I'm Captain Barnacle.  Wanna do mean pirate stuff together?"

Bug: "Why sure, Captain Barnacle.  What do mean pirates do?"

Fixit: "Well, we steal people's gold and it turns into pirate treasure.  We make treasure maps to find our treasure.  And the best thing we do...we make people WALK THE PLANK."  (followed by a giggle fit.)

Bug: (still cracking up about walking the plank): "Do you get people with your swords, too?"

Fixit: "Yep!  We chop their heads off if they don't walk the plank."

I'm glad they use their imaginations, but not so sure about the blood-thirstiness of it all! :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Well, That is Just Spectacular!

It is 1:47 a.m.

Yep!  You read that right - 1:47 a.m.

"Why," you might ask, am I awake at such an early hour?


That would begin the story of the spectacularness that has been my early morning.

It began by being scared awake by my youngest, Fix-it, standing by me with the ever-popular middle-of-the-night proclamation, "I barfed."

It is quite spectacular how much mess can be made by throwing up next to the bed, when you occupy the top bunk and the floor is messy.

It was so spectacular that I woke up my husband to help clean that bit of loveliness up.  He was recruited to take Bug's blanket, that was hanging off her bed, downstairs while I kept cleaning up the floor and everything else.  Bug woke up long enough as I was uncovering her to tell me that she better not barf on the blanket she was using now.

Told Fix-it to go get a bowl from downstairs.  That is bowl number 1.

She came back upstairs to report that K was already downstairs on the couch with a bowl.  That is bowl number 2.  She had come downstairs about midnight after throwing up in the bathroom upstairs and cleaning up her own mess.

I come downstairs with Fix-it's blanket to add to the laundry (remember, the reason I was awake), to find my husband worshipping the porcelain goddess.

Spotting the trend, yet?

That, dear folks, is bowl number 3.

I told him to take one upstairs to put by Bug, in case, she too had reason to use it.  That is bowl number 4.

Now that I am sure I gave my family food poisoning from the really good turkey curry salad I made for supper, I am sitting in my chair trying to decide if my stomach doesn't feel good, or if it is the power of suggestion.

To be on the safe side, I think it will be bowl number 5 when I head back upstairs.

So, final score for the night:

Food Poisoning: 1      The Family:  0

Final tally, so far at 2:02 a.m.:

1 bad batch of turkey curry salad - which I will never be able to make again, even though it tasted really good
2 blankets hit by one kid
3 people sick, so far
4 things to throw away: the rest of the curry, the fresh lettuce from Mom's garden, the pine nuts that we've never had before, and the stock I have going in the slow cooker from the turkey carcass
5 bowls deployed

Yep, this is just spectacular!  (They really need to invent a sarcasm font!)