Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As I was checking email this morning, this is the conversation that I heard coming from behind the couch where Fix-it and Bug were playing with the pirates and pirate ship:

Bug: "Aye, matey!  I'm Captain Swashbuckle, the meanest and best pirate, ever!"

Fixit: "Hi, Captain Swashbuckle.  I'm Captain Barnacle.  Wanna do mean pirate stuff together?"

Bug: "Why sure, Captain Barnacle.  What do mean pirates do?"

Fixit: "Well, we steal people's gold and it turns into pirate treasure.  We make treasure maps to find our treasure.  And the best thing we do...we make people WALK THE PLANK."  (followed by a giggle fit.)

Bug: (still cracking up about walking the plank): "Do you get people with your swords, too?"

Fixit: "Yep!  We chop their heads off if they don't walk the plank."

I'm glad they use their imaginations, but not so sure about the blood-thirstiness of it all! :)

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