Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Another Day

Managed to sweep the floor this morning (ok, should this be noteworthy, NO, was it - not really, but I'm getting there)  to which Fixit responded by looking at the apple she was halfway through, looking at the floor and dropping her apple on the floor.

She picked up her apple, examined it, and gave me the thumbs up.  Then, I was told that I did a good job, because she could still eat her apple - no dog hair.

She did this on PURPOSE.

Hmmmm - small children confuse me at times.

At lunch, Bug gives me this entirely serious look.  Not just a pay attention to me look, this was you better pay attention to what I'm going to say to you look.  She proceeded to say, "This, this, is just not typical."  But this wasn't said in my 5 yo's sweet voice, it was said in a quite impressive British accent.  I'm still not sure what wasn't "typical." but as I sat trying to figure her out, she cracked up and told me that it was hilarious.

Yep, middlish children confuse me, too.

Monday, May 14, 2012

We're been outside

Like a large percentage of the blogs I follow, there hasn't been much time to be on the computer lately.  A lot of time is being spent on the final weeks of school for 2 of the girls and doing things outside.

We'be had quite a list of things to cross off the "To Do" list:

First Communion & party
May Crowning at church
Spring Concert at school
getting garden tilled (for the first time)
get old chicken coop pulled down
get through a bunch of farm audit appointments
buy more summer clothes for K
find the summer clothes for Bug and Fixit
clean out toyboxes
Spray the fruit trees
Spray Roundup around the house, deck, playhouse, etc
clean out cookbook shelves (this one ended in clean shelves (gasp!) and a full brown paper bag of cookbooks to donate

Now, there is still a ton of stuff to do:

Fix roof on old milk house to serve as new chicken coop
Build fence for chickens
Get chickens from neighbor who wants to get rid of his
Tear apart some of the barn roof that still has tin pieces on, so we can build a shed for the cattle we want to get
Build fence for said cattle
Get cattle
Possibly get a movable fence and get a couple of sheep to have them cut the darn grass
Possibly a milking goat
Finish staining the towers of the playset
Get stain for the deck and start working on that

I've even got the money set aside for at least 1/2 the animals we want, now just need someplace to put them

Fixit and I spent a good couple of hours outside this morning weeding around bushes

Now, if the kids would take a nap, this Mom might be able to sneak one in.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along - May 9, 2012

Joining Ginny for another Yarn Along .

The bane of my existence - the blasted blanket from the Bernat Mystery Crochet Along - added another row of completed motifs on to the finished blanket.  I was seriously hoping that 4 rows of motifs would be enough and I could finish it.  It's not, I need at least another row - drat!!!

It was driving me nuts.  So, I started a scrap afghan.  Didn't use anywhere near all of my scraps, but I think it turned out nice as a great big Granny square - no piecing together!  It's the perfect size for a lap blanket.

I'm going to give it to my Aunt Janet who just lost her husband, because it's full of my prayers for her.  I was praying the Rosary the entire time I was crocheting it for her.

As for what I'm reading, I'm just starting Children of the Lamp: The Cobra King of Kathmandu.  I've really been on a fantasy kick and the young adult section of the library is the best place to get the ones that are fantasy and not smutty.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm in between appts and using the wonderful wi-fi at my public library and some of their electricity (shh) to charge the batteries on my computer and printer.

I'm all by myself in the little back room and let me tell you, it's wonderful to have some peace and quiet.  No kids screaming and not taking naps. No chores to do RIGHT now.  Nothing to do but spend some time by myself and recharge my batteries.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Blog??? Really? I Have One of Those???

It's been pretty sparse around here lately, at least in blogdom, because real life has been full of it's own trials and tribulations.

I'm not even going to make excuses, just a list of things that have been going on.

Everyone in the house has been super sniffly - first from blasted spring allergies and now from the cold that resulted from being sniffy ALL the time.  You know it's bad, when you go to the pharmacy and tell them to give you as much Sudafed as they can legally sell you, because you have 3 people at home with colds that can take it.  Plus, I stocked up on cold medicine for Bug and Fixit.

Then, last Saturday was my last Catechism class until next October.  I like teaching - don't always like the attitude from my 7th graders, but I'm glad for the break.

Sunday, K received her First Communion - which is totally blogworthy and will receive it's own post when I download the pictures.  (Totally noteworthy - my Mom gave her my Grandma's rosary - it's beautiful and amazing that she is entrusting my 9-year-old with this incredible gift!)

I've also been busy working for my Dad, so doing lots of farm visits, which thankfully is continuing.

Then, sadly, my Uncle Bob passed away yesterday.  He has been in hospice for the past month and couldn't go any further.  He had been diagnosed with brain cancer and they found that it had actually spread through his entire body.  Please say a prayer for my Aunt Janet for her to continue on without her best friend and caregiver.  So, now we are waiting to find out when the funeral will be.

So, I'm hoping to accomplish something today, preferably enough on the goofy afghan that I've been quietly swearing at for the past month, to post something for yarn along tomorrow.  I'm still hoping to get it done by Mother's Day - means I need to get my butt in gear.