Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Blog??? Really? I Have One of Those???

It's been pretty sparse around here lately, at least in blogdom, because real life has been full of it's own trials and tribulations.

I'm not even going to make excuses, just a list of things that have been going on.

Everyone in the house has been super sniffly - first from blasted spring allergies and now from the cold that resulted from being sniffy ALL the time.  You know it's bad, when you go to the pharmacy and tell them to give you as much Sudafed as they can legally sell you, because you have 3 people at home with colds that can take it.  Plus, I stocked up on cold medicine for Bug and Fixit.

Then, last Saturday was my last Catechism class until next October.  I like teaching - don't always like the attitude from my 7th graders, but I'm glad for the break.

Sunday, K received her First Communion - which is totally blogworthy and will receive it's own post when I download the pictures.  (Totally noteworthy - my Mom gave her my Grandma's rosary - it's beautiful and amazing that she is entrusting my 9-year-old with this incredible gift!)

I've also been busy working for my Dad, so doing lots of farm visits, which thankfully is continuing.

Then, sadly, my Uncle Bob passed away yesterday.  He has been in hospice for the past month and couldn't go any further.  He had been diagnosed with brain cancer and they found that it had actually spread through his entire body.  Please say a prayer for my Aunt Janet for her to continue on without her best friend and caregiver.  So, now we are waiting to find out when the funeral will be.

So, I'm hoping to accomplish something today, preferably enough on the goofy afghan that I've been quietly swearing at for the past month, to post something for yarn along tomorrow.  I'm still hoping to get it done by Mother's Day - means I need to get my butt in gear.

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