Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Another Day

Managed to sweep the floor this morning (ok, should this be noteworthy, NO, was it - not really, but I'm getting there)  to which Fixit responded by looking at the apple she was halfway through, looking at the floor and dropping her apple on the floor.

She picked up her apple, examined it, and gave me the thumbs up.  Then, I was told that I did a good job, because she could still eat her apple - no dog hair.

She did this on PURPOSE.

Hmmmm - small children confuse me at times.

At lunch, Bug gives me this entirely serious look.  Not just a pay attention to me look, this was you better pay attention to what I'm going to say to you look.  She proceeded to say, "This, this, is just not typical."  But this wasn't said in my 5 yo's sweet voice, it was said in a quite impressive British accent.  I'm still not sure what wasn't "typical." but as I sat trying to figure her out, she cracked up and told me that it was hilarious.

Yep, middlish children confuse me, too.

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