Friday, September 14, 2012


Guess we're going to start calling Bug - Toothless.  The first baby tooth came out today!  (and with only a little nudge from Mom)

And since someone seemed to use the camera for multiple self portraits the other day, I have plenty of options to choose from for the before shots.

oh wait, no teeth in this one
Lots of teeth in this one
ALL teeth in this one, and her cute nose
And then, the great reveal of the toothless wonder:

see, it's that hole on her front lower right
She is sooooo excited!  We've already called Grandpa to let him know.  We've already shown the neighbors.

Luckily, there was only root left on one side of the tooth, and luckily it was on the back, so when we pushed it forward, it actually moved and came out.  I had a horrible time when I was little with my roots not dissolving, so had to have the dentist pull a bunch of my baby teeth.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this won't happen for my girls.