Monday, January 21, 2013

It is Crazy Cold

-5 degrees F.

Yep.  That is what my thermometer is reading right now.

However, let me clarify something.  That already frigid temperature is BEFORE adding in the windchill.

You got it folks.  The wind is whipping at about 15 miles per hour.

So, we are sitting at about -20 degrees F.

We bedded down the animals with extra hay and shavings last night and gave them extra food.

This morning for chores, I had my long underwear on top and bottom, shirt and pants, winter boots, scarf, neoprene face mask, hat, thick Carhart jacket, thick gloves.  Pretty sure I looked like a black polar bear wandering around - and I was still frozen.

We have two heat lamps going in the chicken coop - and the water was still frozen.  I had brought out hot water and poured that in their waterer.  I let them drink for awhile, refilling it.  I'll have to go out at noon to give them some more water.  Thank goodness for the goat's heated waterer, but they still enjoyed the hot water that I added to their bucket.  They will probably need more water at noon, too.  People forget how easy it is for people and animals to dehydrate when it is cold - even worse when it is bitterly cold.

I was outside for 20 minutes doing chores. Winter chores usually don't take me that long, but I had to make sure the animals were taken care of.  Honestly, even though I was bundled up, it was COLD.  And to boot, just being out there wipes all the energy from you.

Stay warm.  Tomorrow is going to be even colder - supposed to get wind chills down to -40 degrees F.

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