Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today is an Ugh day.

Had to take the dog in for minor surgery on her ear - she has a hematoma - which is major fluid/blood build up in the floppy part of her ear.  She did have to be put under for it, so not exactly minor.  She's had ear issue ever since we got her, so she's been slightly psychotic about her ears, so unfortunately ignored her.

The vet just called and she's still groggy, but they are open until 8 tonight, so I can pick her up after my hubby gets home.

Then, the goats have magicked their way out of their pen TWICE today!  As a matter of fact, Bitty is still wandering the yard, because I can't catch her again.  Once by myself was amazing, twice ain't happenin'!

And since the goats have gotten out twice, they have shut the door to the chicken coop, twice, so I have to go back and open that again.

Luckily, Opie the Sheep, has not managed to squeeze his way out, but then he gets mad and pushes on the fence.

Plus, my back hurts.  It is probably getting back at me for the weekend travelling across state for a birthday party and a First Communion celebrations. Spent over 11 hours in the car all told.  I don't know how truck drivers do it!

I should be working on homework - only two chapters in each subject left and only two weeks of school, but I don't wanna!  It's boring!


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