Thursday, April 4, 2013

PHEW! That was close!

Fixit is a major tomboy.

Wait, that might be putting it mildly.

She loves getting the hand-me-downs from her boy cousins. She plays pirates, dinosaurs, and super heroes.

So, you could say it was a bit of a surprise when she wanted to wear a dress to Easter Sunday Mass.  Grandma did witness this bit of astonishment, but she changed so fast after we got home, that Grandpa thinks it was a figment of our imagination.

Now, this morning was a real kicker.

She was going to wear a DRESS to SCHOOL!  (This is jaw-dropping, stop-the-presses type amazement!)  She actually came downstairs Wearing. The. Dress!

Then, her personality kicked in.  She looked down at the very cute polka-dotted dress and told me that she had to go look in the dryer.

At this point, I was hoping that she had undies on, because frankly, I was in shock.

She came back out wearing a super hero shirt and pants (and undies!).  She looked at me and told me, "That was close!"

What was close?

"I almost went to school looking like a girl!"

Yep! That's my girl.

And frankly, I still think her boyfriend is the luckiest 5-year-old on Earth.  He has a girlfriend that plays pirates, dinosaurs, and superheroes!

p.s. If, and that is a huge IF, she had actually gone to school in a dress, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a phone call from her very girly 4K teacher wondering what had happened.  I'm glad that I didn't have to try and explain that.

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