Wednesday, May 29, 2013

They Have Names...But no pictures....

Well, after long deliberation and lots of judicial use of Mommy-veto power, the steers and heifer have names. (and since I haven't taken any pictures of them, you'll just have to go with it)

They are a trio.  Good trios should have names, right?  Good names, right?

Probably true, even though you know that it will eventually be a solo act, since the two steers will be branching off into other career paths down the road.

First, I'll describe the animals:

Steer 1: He's a Lineback, which is a black animal with white stripe and spots on head and middle of back.  He's a beefier animal who enjoys being first at the feed trough for grain and might be considered a bully by some.  He's the leader of the pack and weighs a healthy 450+ pounds. Head scratches are considered one of his favorite things. He might sneak up behind you and startle you.

Steer 2: He's a dark Jersey steer, so very dark to almost black brown with several white spots.  He doesn't plan on leaving the safety of a duo until at least next summer.  He's a follower and very shy. He weighs in about 250 pounds.

Heifer:  She's a small Jersey heifer with typical brown Jersey coloring.  She's shy, but loves the grain bucket, if you hold it.  She isn't aggressive enough to get in by the grain, so enjoys quiet moments by herself (and with you - as long as you are holding the bucket).  She will tolerate an occasional head scratch, as long as it is down unobtrusively while holding the bucket.  She weighs about 250 pounds.

Now that you have met the contestants, um, animals, let's walk through the naming process:

My first thought, and the one that got stuck in my brain, was, Bibbity, Bobbity, and Boo.  With Boo being the Lineback and Bibbity being the heifer.  I sold two of the kids on this scheme, one flatly refused, and my husband just shook his head.  So, it was temporarily sidelined, while we went back to the drawing board.

Daughter 1 suggested Skunky, Ginger, and Blacky.  Veto Power!

Then, we thought of various trios:

Han, Luke, Leia
Larry, Curly, Moe
Kirk, Spock, Ahura,
Kirk, Picard, Janeway
Peter, Paul, Mary
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Mario, Luigi, Peach
Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

the list continued, with nothing "popping" as the right names.

Until that fateful day...

I was heading out with the grain bucket to dump the grain for the boys and hang on to the bucket for the girl, when I said, "Honey, come here."  Lightning moment - we could call her Honey.

I talked to my youngest daughter about Honey, and she said that we should call her Miss Honey.  She has become Miss Honey - which we can't say without adding a southern soft drawl.

The big guy is great at sneaking up on us, so "Boo" is still perfect for him.

The middle daughter came up with the other steer's name.  She said that he looked like a night sky and that his patches of white could be the stars and the moon, so he has been dubbed Midnight.

It took us a week, but we came up with the perfect names for our new critters.

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