Monday, April 9, 2012

Back to "Normal"

or as normal as it gets in my house. 

Ok, normal will commence tomorrow, after the rest of the kids go back to school. 

The "rest of the kids" you say.  Well, actually, yes.  On any given day, I watch Fixit during the mornings while Bug and K are at school.  K goes to the local Catholic Elementary. Bug goes to the public 4K program.  The neighbor kids that I watch after school, also go to the public school.  They are in a different school district than K.  So, I have things color-coded on my calendar by district and kid.  I literally have a bus stopping at my house 5 times a day. 

6:30 a.m. K gets picked up for school
7:00 a.m. Bug gets on the bus
11:20ish Bug and the neighbor boy get off bus from 4K
3:30 p.m. K gets off bus
4:00 p.m. neighbor girl gets off bus

So, tomorrow, Bug and the neighbor kids will be back to school.

Then, my husband has to take a half day, so I can take Bug, Fixit, and myself in for our cleanings at the dentist.

Oh, wait - my very pregnant sister-in-law and my nephew have moved in with us during the week, because my brother just got a VERY good job 4 hours away and is staying with one of our sisters during the week.

SURRRRRRREEEEEEE, life is back to normal.

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