Tuesday, October 16, 2012

God has a Sense of Humor

This is the only possible explanation that I can find for why he made male goats act the way they do.

A divine sense of humor is the only thing that can explain why a female goat would think that:

1. Blowing raspberries
2. Curling back your top lip and going, "na na na na na"
3. Peeing on your own face

is any way attractive, let alone, remotely sexy.

Hey, big fella.  I really like the way you stutter when you get excited.  And man, those little raspberries you blow in my ear....But, the most attractive thing you do, it's gotta be showing us how you pee on your face.  It just gets me in the mood.

Yeah, right!

Seriously, my little brother (who isn't little anymore) peed on his face one time when he sneezed and was going to the bathroom at the same time, and we thought it was HI-LAR-I-OUS!  So, I cannot see why girl goats think that this behavior, more akin to middle school, is attractive, but they do.

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