Friday, October 12, 2012

Ugh - Back Hurts

I've been dealing with a sore back for over a week.  The kind where your neck and shoulders are so tight that you have a constant headache and the muscles in your back tighten and spasm.

I'll stretch.  It'll get better.  nope

I'll ice it.  It'll get better.  nope

I'll go to the chiropractor.  It'll get better.  nope

I'll have my husband give me a backrub.  It'll get better.  nope

I'll smell like a BenGay factory.  It'll get better.  nope

I've even tried to lie on a tennis ball to try and focus on the point.  nope, didn't get better

I think I'm to the point where I HAVE to go to the doctor and get a muscle relaxer and real pain pills.  If I could sleep decent for even one night, I bet I would feel better.

And, NOPE, I'm not sure what I did to it.  I first messed it up about 9 years ago, when I tripped over a footstool and instead of landing on my butt, which would have only hurt my pride, I twisted to try and save myself.  Ended up in the ER for that, because I couldn't move I was in so much pain.  Then, about 3 years later, I was stressing out while my husband was deployed and ended up back in the ER.  So, really it's about a 3 year cycle, because it happened 3 years ago, too.  I don't like this cycle. 

This cycle is when I get so stressed over life, put on a little weight (on top of the too much I already have), and move just wrong.  The moving just wrong was probably picking up our new sheep on Sunday to bring it home.

Yeah, I have to go to Insta-care and pray they will give me the good drugs, so I can sleep and things will finally ease out of there.

I haven't been able to do schoolwork, because more than 20 minutes at the computer hurts.  No crafting, because that hurts.  ugh

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