Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fixit is Thankful for....

Fixit's teacher sent home an email to all the parents that they had talked about what Thanksgiving was about and what being thankful meant. Then, she asked each of the kids what they were thankful for.  (Remember, these guys are only 4 & 5)

Here are some of the answers:

My toys - James
My house - Conner
My Dad and my four-wheeler - Macey
My moms dinner - Katie
My Mama and Daddy - Fixit  (awwww)

So, we talked about it at home and her answer got longer.


Take a deep breath and say this all in one breath:

I'm thankful for Mom and Dad and K and Bug and Marley and superheroes and Grandma and Grandpa and God and superheroes 

I did get first mention, but superheroes got double mention, but I was still first! :)

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