Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along February 15, 2012

It's that time of week to once again join up with Ginny at Small Things for her Yarn Along - where I admire what everyone else has accomplished and I hide behind my pitiful attempts at accomplishing something.

Here's what I'm up to:

Green yarn is a crocheted apiary puff from Ravelry - way to use up all the little bits and bobs, figured out that if you use worsted weight instead of the SOCK YARN!!!!!!! they will never be 3" across - so, I'm just going for it.  It'll be warm however it turns out.

Blue yarn is a very soft acrylic - Satin by Bernat.  I'm using my Tunisian hook to work on a Mobius twist shawl for my sister.  Frogged the whole thing yesterday and started over.  Tempted to frog it again, because the yarn is thicker than the pattern called for and I'm not sure if I'm happy with how it's turning out.  It's not as open as the picture in the pattern, so it will be warmer than I really wanted it to be.

As for reading, I'm following the pattern that is on cover of the Tunisian Crochet book - it's a good basic book that I borrowed from the library and I don't think I can renew it - someone else has it on hold.  (Might have to get photocopies of the patterns I like.)

I just got The Beekeepers Apprentice from the library and I'm hoping it will be good.  I've been on a Sherlock Holmes kick lately.

And, I'm reading the US Catholic Catechism for Adults for my Catechist training on Saturday - this book is so easy to understand.  It's laid out that each chapter starts with a profile of a saint, then goes into theology, then discussion questions and a prayer.

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  1. Your tunisian work is lovely! Also, I'm going to be searching for the Catechism book now- I need something that's easy to understand!


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