Monday, July 23, 2012

It Started Out as a Normal Day

Surely, "normal day" was already a misnomer, so that's where we headed from there.

Woke up early to take care of the goats.  First thing that I noticed, was that Carmel had gotten herself out of the pen and couldn't get back in.  Obviously time to wean little miss greedy guss, because most mornings I've only been getting about 1/2 cup of milk.  This morning, I got almost a full QUART of milk.

Then, I took them out to their tie outs for the day.

Came in the house, strained the milk, and went to wash my hands.  This is where the day went down hill.

No Water.  NOT EVEN A DROP came from the faucet.

Hmm.  Bob had just gotten water for his coffee and had taken a shower this morning.

So, now we are waiting for the plumber to come.  No breakers were flipped, but there was a buzzing by the pressure tank, so the over-the-phone diagnosis was the switch on the pressure tank is kapput.

Good thing, just got a call from the plumber and he's on his way over.  Yeah, hopefully on our way back to water.

edited to add:  Plumber was here and gone already.  The relay and the capacitor on the pressure tank had gone kaplow, but they are fixed now.  Now, waiting until we get the bill....  but, we have water.  And he also told me that the amps on the well pump were running a bit high.   which means?  that sometime, might be soon, might be 5 years, we'll have to replace the well pump - which means digging into the well.  Guess it's better to know about it now, so I can start squirreling some money away for it.

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