Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weaver's Friend 45" Floor Loom

My husband is awesome!

After 2+ hours of tinkering with the pieces of the loom, we HE figured out how it went together and I can picture it working.

Not many people would have let me get this thing, let along let me set it up in the living room, of all places.

And, to top it off, we could only find 4 pictures of this loom on the internet, so a lot of putting it together was conjecture and guessing and seeing where the pieces were worn and try and put things together that way.

Now, I need a threading hook to run the warping thread through the reed - the part that you pull forward to make sure that your rows are tight and even.  The correct term for this is sleying the reed. 

Not only do I have to figure out how to do this stuff, I need to figure out what this whole new language means.

So, I have to sley the reed, thread the heddles, and warp the beam.  Yep, I don't know what any of that means, either!  Guess I have a lot to learn.

on the plus side, since having it in the living room meant clearing a space for it, the hated exercise bike that has been a jungle gym and clothes hanger for the past three years, is now moved to the deck. I plan on putting a Craigslist ad for someone to come and get it for free, possibly for scrap.

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