Friday, July 13, 2012

Ugh - It's going to be hot and then hotter

We're back into the 90's for the weekend with high humidity.  There is the possibility of storms this afternoon and tomorrow.  We need the rain, but not the storms.

According to the local weather, we've already had 16 days of 90+ weather this summer.  Today through Sunday are supposed to hit 90-92 and then it's showing 95 for Monday and Tuesday with high humidity for the whole time.


We've watched more TV this summer when it's too hot to go outside than any other time, otherwise, we've basically been on a TV hiatus.

To beat the heat, we've had water hose fights, wet sponge throwing, and had the kids drink lots of water and koolaid.

I've also raised the temperature of the AC (still going to go broke with this electric bill) and have a fan running besides the ceiling fans.

I hate being hot.  I don't do well in it and then I feel sick.

Here's hoping the heat breaks and I can kick the kids outside, so I stay sane.

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