Sunday, November 20, 2011

ACCCKK!!!!! It's a Great Honor!

Gee, that came out of the blue!

I've been busy cutting, sewing, and new idea-ing for my craft show on the 30th and to put things (finally) into my Etsy shop.

You know the route, plugging away, because I have a deadline, but going with the what-I-get-done attitude.  That is, until I get a phone call from a lovely lady who volunteers at The Art Garage .  Ann had noticed what I call crafts last year at craft show - see, craft.  And I displayed some of my gnome houses, whimsys of gnomes (def: family of gnomes), and some needle-felted play mats for their Christmas showing and sale last year. 

Well, I had been getting the emails as part of her mass emails about this year's Christmas show and sale.  No one has been buying my houses and I haven't made any new mats.  I've been crafting.  I've been making my puppet kits and pirate maps.  So, I ignored her emails. 

Then, Ann called me yesterday, which is technically the day after things were to be taken in.  She told me that she was checking to make sure I was okay and if I had been getting her emails. 

Well, yeah, I was getting them, but I'm not an artist.  How did this stuff apply to me?  None of my things had been juried for this year's show.  She DIDN'T care!  She wanted my stuff for this year's show, because she liked what I did last year, that I had an "artist's eye" (still working on figuring out what that means!), and she LOVED the sound of my puppet kits.

So, I'm back in this year's show - sight unseen!  Which translates into - AAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!  (Meaning, ugh, I've been busting my butt to get ready not only for the craft show, but also for this show.)  She extended the deadline for me, and I have to have everything in for Tuesday.

So, the table is full of felt in various stages of something.  From full sheets, to cut up sheets, to sewn parts, to bits and bobs, and now the sewing machine.  Plus, I have to fill out the exhibitor paperwork, the sales tags, print more puppet inserts, cut out the bag tags, print more business cards, and figure out how to fill out a bio sheet.

This was my 10 minutes of brain-clearing, back to the sewing machine, the scissors, and the glue.


  1. Wow, good for you Traci!! How fun, hope it all pays off!!

  2. I will never make a million doing this, but if I can get my "crafting" to pay for itself and give us a little extra, then it's worth it. Plus, I love to do it.

  3. Cool beans! I'm going to get the beadies to you. They'll be Priority Mailed by Satureday..Good luck with both the Art Sale and the Craft Show.


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