Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

I'm having a feel sorry for me day.  Which translates into whining.  I try not to have days like this, but today, it caught up with me.

I had to take two of the girls to the Emergency Room in September on separate occasions.  Well, we got the EOB's back from the insurance and the two visits are going to be about $1100.  Gasp! 

So, I called the billing department today to have them resubmit the bills, because they billed the visits as ER instead of UrgentCare, which I thought it should be.  Ugh!  They don't offer UrgentCare at that site anymore, so it only gets billed as ER services.  Then, there's the surgery (3 staples is surgery?)  and that was a separate Dr's bill and surgery fee at $500.

Christmas is officially cancelled.  We're broke!

Step Back Satan!

We have more than lots of people and plenty for us. 

We have a roof over our head, beds to sleep in, the propane is already paid for our heat for the winter (and we have sweaters and socks to wear when I set the heat at 66).

We have plenty of yarn for me to make afghans and slippers (guess I'll have to figure out how to read a pattern).  I have plenty of material to relearn how to sew.

We have plenty of food in the freezers and the cupboards and the money to buy more.

We have too much stuff.  So, having bills just means a decrease in our buying things for Christmas, but it doesn't limit our ability to make and give from the heart.

Sometimes, I just need to take that step back, give myself a mental slap, and realize that we have plenty and that God always provides.


  1. It always seems when we get a little "extra"money something happens like the radiater will go out in the van or something big like that. Last year it was a window that broke and needed to be fixed (it's cold in MN) $800!!!! for a window!!!

    Anyway, good to look at the positive always, it could be worse.

    I love the Thankful Thursdays because it makes me look all week for the good through the muck.

    God bless you!!
    Wish I knew how to knit!

  2. I'm learning how to knit but I'm passable at crocheting, but somehow I can't count stitches, so I do LOTS of straight crocheting - where it looks wide enough. So, lots of scarves and blankets!

    Traci (Anonymous because I can't figure out how to comment on my own blog)


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