Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musing - End of November

Right now...  1:30 p.m.  All 4 kids are finally napping.  Chilly outside but not snowing.  I'm watching my nephew, so my sister-in-law can get some sleep. She feels crummy.

This weekend...  We had a great get together with family on Saturday for Thanksgiving.  I learned some interesting things.  I can try new things with the squash (never doing that recipe again!); we can try something new with the potatoes (the ranch slow cooker potatoes were good), but I better not mess with the stuffing.  I started making the stuffing about 10 years ago, and it has been my job ever since.  I make an apple sausage stuffing, where I use my home canned apple pie filling.  I wasn't going to make stuffing, we always have too much food.  My brother did NOT like that idea, that's why he came home from college. Mom's pumpkin pie and my stuffing.  Ok, quick change of plans and trip to the store and we had stuffing.  And WHY do I listen to how long they say to cook the turkey???  Why??  Because I started it way too soon, again, and it was a bit dry.  ugh.

Then, Saturday night, K and I went to 7 p.m. Mass.  It was our first Mass with the new translation.  I thought it was very good and that more people actually paid attention.  Only thing I don't like is "consubstantial" - really? that's easier to understand??  Sure not easier to say. 

Sunday, I cut felt, sewed felt, organized felt.  Ugh, I think my brain is felty.  It'll be nice to get the puppets packaged tonight.

Some plans for the week... 
Tonight, I have to finish the puppets and printing out the cards and package them.
Tomorrow, I have to make sure I have everything ready for my craft show.
Wednesday, is the craft show at my husband's work. I made good money at this one last year, so I'm hoping they like my new stuff.
Thursday, December 1st!  Wow!  I have the artist's reception at The Art Garage (still can't get over the artist part, but if it helps sell some of my stuff, I'm all for it!)
Friday, get my lesson plans ready for Cathechism on Saturday and probably mix about 4 batches of cookie dough.
Saturday, Catechism at 9. Christmas program practice right after at 11.  Then, come home and see if the neighbor is home to start the Great Cookie Bakeoff in preparation for the cookie party on the 10th.
Sunday, Mass - Santa is coming after Mass - turn in our Giving Tree presents at church, then go out with my sister-in-law.

If I can find some time for myself, I would like to...  Um, this week is about being busy.  My alone time is during naptime.  But we did start the Holy Heroes Advent Adventure and the kids seem to like it.

I am grateful for...  My husband who helps me cut out felt, even though he doesn't want to. My kids for being so enthusiastic about helping me cut out stuff for my puppets yesterday.

Some special prayer intentions for the week:  For my friend, Teresa's father, he's been in the hospital and suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest last night and they think he has a brain bleed.  I'm hoping they can find peace. She is on her way home to Wisconsin from Arizona right now.  That I have patience with my kids this week to do things with them instead of yelling at them.  That my craft show goes well and that Etsy sales take off, so I can do a few more things with the Giving Tree and maybe send some money out as the Christmas Elf to some people that I know need things more than we do.

Something that makes me smile...  The look on Fixit's face this morning when I declared today a pajama day - for her, not me!  The look on Bug's face when she came home to tell me about the new girl in her class.  K's enthusiasm for life and how generous she is.  She chose her own name from the Giving Tree and wants to use her own money to buy the present for this little girl.

I got the Monday Musing idea from Nadja at Patch of Dirt Farm .  Thank you and I'm so glad that I found you.

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  1. Thanks for the prayers. Please continue to pray for T and family as they move forward without husband and you


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