Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Equals Crazy Busy

Welcome, December.  Come on in and stay awhile.  Or can you at least make it feel like it's going to last a while, so we get a chance to breathe.

I had to go over the calendar yesterday to see what is coming up, I ended up writing down an entire page  of stuff to do.

I realize that it's not just because of Advent and Christmas - those usually help me take a moment to reflect.  It's that we also have two December birthdays here, plus my nephew's birthday.

Here's my crazy, busy list:  (so, I remember what is going on - I hope!)

December 1st: Go to Mom and Dad's in a.m. to help them with stuff. Chiropractor this afternoon, because my back is killing me.  Tonight, I'm supposed to go to the artist's reception at The Art Garage, which is probably a smart move to help promote my stuff, but we have a chance of yucky weather and I hate driving in it.
December 2nd:  Preschool story hour at the library.  MUST make cookie dough today, amazingly I saved the recipes I like in my favorites!  2 batches gingerbread and 4 batches of sugar cookie.  MUST get my lesson plan for tomorrow's CCD written.
December 3rd: CCD.  Christmas program practice.  Cookie making extravaganza with the neighbor and possibly my sister-in-law, depending on weather.
December 4th:  9 a.m. Mass followed by Santa visit in the church hall.  2nd Sunday in Advent. Turn in Giving Tree gifts to church.  Spend the rest of the day with my sister-in-law.  Thankfully, she's pregnant and doesn't like shopping (too much) right now, so I should be saved from the horror of that. I know she's using her gift certificate at the spa for both of us - isn't that cool.  (Hmm, cool will be right when we decide to get pedicures in December and need to walk out in flip flops.  She even bought me a pair!)
December 5th: Start making Christmas candy...homemade marshmallows, caramels, maybe something new...
December 7th:  Watch my nephew.
December 8th:  Dentist a.m. Watch my nephew.  Since I have dentist in a.m., can't go to kiddo's school and go to Immaculate Conception Mass.  4-H at night and we need to turn in project selections.  Maybe hubby taking oldest to 4-H and I take the youngers to Mass. 
December 9th: Bug needs to take a snack to school.
December 10th:  CCD.  NOT going to program practice.  Cookie party - we're up to 15 people so far, and it could be 21.
December 11th: 3rd Sunday of Advent.  Nephew's birthday party and K is going to share a family party with him again.  Ugh. Need to get her invites written for K's sleepover party, much sooner than this day.  Will have to do them today.
December 12th:  First Reconciliation for K, plus watch my nephew.
December 13th:  Hubby's birthday.
December 15th:  K's Christmas concert at school, plus watch nephew.
December 16th:  K's sleepover, but at least it's only for two people plus the neighbor, maybe?  I'm not too clear on that, yet. (Plus, it's K's actual birthday!)
December 17th:  Sleepover buddies go home.  Parents indulge in adult beverages.
December 18th: 4th Sunday of Advent
December 22nd:  Christmas program practice 6 p.m.
December 23rd:  K doesn't have school. Christmas break until they go back on January 2nd.
December 24th:  Christmas Eve.  Christmas break starts for Bug and the neighbors until January 2nd.
December 25th:  CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
December 26th:  Hubby off work.
December 27th:  Trip to Milwaukee for at least Hubby for a VA appt. If I can get someone to watch the kids, I'm going with him.
December 28th & 29th: Watch nephew.

Plus, my hubby has three dates that he might be chosen for jury duty this month.  When he called in last night, the first group of potential jurors needed to report this morning. So, he has to call in again tonight to see if he has to show up tomorrow.

Sigh, I'm tired just looking at the list, but at least it gives me something to follow as a check off.


  1. yes, December is a full one...You forgot Dec 6, feast of ST Nicholas, set out those shoes and let him fill them with candy coins!! (not to add to your schedule or anything.) My mil made a calendar, (stitched) and it has pockets in it for the month of Dec and each pocket has things to do, every day til Christmas!

    Hope you get some down time to do what you want and need to re-charge!

  2. Gee, thanks, Jamie! You're right, forgot to put down St. Nicks. Good thing I already have the chocolate candies and a small homemade where did I put the candy coins I bought a few weeks ago....



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