Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musing - December 5, 2011

Right Now...  It is 10:20 a.m. 

Fixit has been keeping herself busy for the past hour.  She played with the Fairy Connectagons - and put them away, then she played with CoCo the Clown - and put him away.  Now, she is working on her 2nd puzzle of the morning.  She is awesome at puzzles at about 25 pieces. 50 pieces can frustrate her. 

I've gotten my Ebay sales (that paid) in the mail this morning.  Updated my Etsy and my Ebay spreadsheets with new listings and sales.  I've also spent over an hour fighting with our health insurance claims website. It said the old site had transitioned to a new site, so I signed us up on the new site - where it couldn't find anything on us! Ugh.  Then, after I set up the new password and account, now it says that the new information is incorrect.  And, I can't call them to have them fix it, because I'm not the insured and they will only talk to my husband.

Which reminds me, that I have to have him call the ER Doctor's billing group, because they won't talk to me, either, even though he has told them repeatedly that I have access.

K forgot her lunch box at home, and I refused to take it to her.  Sometimes it's too easy to forget and have Mom come to the rescue.  She can have hot lunch today, even if she doesn't like it.

This weekend was...  Busy.  Friday night was the annual Christmas party at the Pulaski Library. They have pizza and hot dogs, plus you can listen to Mrs. Claus read a story, sit on Santa's lap (K wondered why Santa said "God Bless!"  Because he knows the real reason for the season!), do a hayride and see all the Christmas lights, and do crafts.  The kids really had fun and I didn't have to come up with anything for supper!
Saturday, we had Cathechism.  I would like to think that my 7th graders are learning something. At least there was a little more cooperation this weekend than there has been the last few weeks.  Then, we had program practice.  Saturday afternoon, we baked a 5-gallon pail's worth of sugar cookies and gingerbread men. 
Sunday - I fully intended to go to Mass.  However, I had 3 little girls that decided to eat every one of the last batch of cookies on the counter and they were already grouching.  So, another Sunday that I'm going to have to add to my next confession.  Then, my sister-in-law and I spent a wonderful day together. It was so much fun and so reenergizing.  THANK YOU!

Some plans for the week...  Mail out my Ebay sales.  Hopefully, get pictures taken and a few more things listed on both Ebay and Etsy.  I want to get rid of some of the fabric that I will never use that I got from an estate sale.  Slowly been thinning it down - which is good, because it is paying for the fabric that I got at this estate sale. :)  Normal stuff like dishes and laundry.

I have to make two castles, a wizard, a dragon, and a double-sided castle/pirate map to finish my custom orders from last week's craft show.  I want them all down by the end of the week, Wednesday would be better.

Wednesday, I'm watching my nephew earlier than usual, because my SIL has a dr's appt. She's returning the favor and watching the kids while I'm at my dentist appt on Thursday.  Thursday is also 4-H and Feast of the Immaculate Conception - so have to get to Mass.

Plus. all week, have to make at least one batch of candy every day.  I'm hoping to get the toasted coconut marshmallows done today and maybe the butter caramels.

I am grateful for...  my sister-in-law who wanted to spend the day with me and treat me to lunch and a pedicure.  My wacky and wonderful kids.  For plenty of food in the cupboards and the ability to buy more. Having extra money to be able to give to those who lost everything this weekend in the horrible fire in Pulaski.

Prayer intentions for this week...  For Mrs. Joan Ladowski, the art teacher/librarian at my daughter's Catholic school.  She's been suffering from cancer and we got a letter from the principal today that it has gotten more aggressive and she's been told to keep her friends and family close.  She's such a wonderul, giving, and caring person.  For the victims of the 5-alarm fire in Pulaski, thank goodness that everyone is okay, but that the community will pull together and help those who lost everything to get a new start in their lives, especially Mr. Kelly, the custodian at K's school.

Something that makes me smile...  a clean living room, love you dear.

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