Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve - 2011

To quote Leo from Little Einsteins, "I can not believe it!" 

I cannot believe that it's already the end of 2011.

I judged 8 forensics meets this past winter, which is a personal best.  (I have to get my letters ready to mail out to the schools week to hopefully judge in 2012.)

Spent a weekend with the kids at my sister's house in March. (Must try to do that again this year!)

We had 16 inches of snow one day in March. (And almost nothing so far this winter.)

Finished my first year as a 7th grade Catechist and went back for more this fall.

In April, my children let me in on their secret language - didn't realize that my kids spoke Dragon.  (I'm not fluent!)

In May, I was fortunate enough to be able to help them work on and then judge the 5th grade speech contest.

I was able to substitute teach several times at the end of last school year.  (This year, my time has been at home with Fixit and making sure I'm home by 11:20 for when the kids get home from 4K.)

For Mother's Day, we made an unexpected trip to go see Great Grandma after she was admitted to the hospital. She ended up fine and told us we were the best medicine she could have had!

One of my Etsy sales, a bride and groom gnome set, were actually used as a cake topper for someone's wedding!

Ok, not a proud Mama moment, but a memorable one...Had Fixit hold up two fingers, look at Bug, and tell her that she's two words for her.  First one is "dumb" and the second is "a$$" - Bug responded with, "I've got one word for you and it's stupid!"  I still don't know where Fixit learned that word.  (I can only hope that we've soaped that one out of her!)

I spent quite a few hours, not quite finishing, painting the playsets.  Plus, we added a playhouse and swingset to the SumFisch Park aka our back yard.

I participated in 5 craft shows this year - some were a bust and some were great.  I've learned from other people who do these more often, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what and when people will buy.

We went to Breakfast on the Farm at the farm I worked on all through high school - Wow, is it different!

We had a weird day in June when the cats were all looking at the garage and there was a pheasant on the garage roof.  (Yep, that was a weird one!)

Had fun at my husband's cousin's wedding this summer, lots of time with family that we don't get to see very often.

Did LOTS of canning starting in June all the way through November.  Everything from Strawberry Jam to Tomato Soup and Applesauce. (Plus lots more along the way - figured it out to over 200 quarts of stuff this year, and lots of it was done in pints and half pints!  Phew!)

My brother and my brother-in-law were awesome this summer.  We thought that Great Grandma was going to come and live with us for several months, so we needed to upgrade the downstairs bathroom and make the guest bedroom warmer and more comfortable.  So, they busted their butts this summer and it's done except for the finish trim and some paint.  Great Grandma went to a different grandchild's house, but my rooms are updated and I could never have gotten it done without them.

Made a giraffe cake for Fixit's 3rd birthday.  Bug had a pink flamingo.  K was gracious enough to share her family party with her younger cousin, and her aunt made her a cute tractor cake.

I ventured into the world of sewing this year.  Hadn't sewn in YEARS!!!!!!!  But I took the plunge, and for my birthday I got a new Singer machine.  Then, I spent a little too much on ebay getting fabric and stuff.  Then, this fall, I ended up cleaning out a sewing room at an estate sale.  I got over 200 yards of material plus a serger sewing machine for about $200.  I've already used quite a bit of the fabric.  Plus, I was able to trade fabric for some clothese for Bug. Some of it has turned into a Christmas present for my niece. 

Spent time driving back and forth to the Milwaukee VA this year trying to figure out what is wrong with my husband's thumb and wrist.  Might be carpul tunnel might not be, for way too many trips this year.

Here was my Facebook update for August 19th (sometimes you just need to put it out there word for word):  45 quarts of dill pickles. Check. Bushel of peaches waiting to be picked up. Check.  Youngest daughter hitting middle daughter causing big nosebleed. Check. Going to be a LONG day. Check

K started third grade and the bus picks her up!  (The bus had driven past our house twice a day for 3 years, but we were out of district and they wouldn't pick her up.  I don't know what changed and I didn't ask questions. She gets to ride the bus!)

Bug started 4K - and she rides the bus.  I miss my girl.

Who know that a forest fire in Minnesota - about 6 1/2 hours away could affect us here in NE Wisconsin.  One did this past summer, the wind currents were just "right" to mess up the air quality around here for about 3 days.  Weird.

In September, I was at the ER twice within 20 hours for two separate head injuries.  Mild concussion for K after falling and hitting her head on a table.  Then not 24 hours later, back at the ER with Bug and an almost 2-inch gash in her head after she jumped into bed and hit her head on the post.

Had a wonderful visit from my big older sister in October.  It was just a long weekend, but it was so nice to see her again.  (We fought like GIRLS in high school, but now she's one of my best friends!)

I started to blog this year - somedays nice. somedays....need to get motivated.

I was introduced to the Sistery Mystery Detective Team this fall.  Perfect case closure rate.

Participated in the Art Garage Holiday Sale again this year.  I sold a couple of things, but I'm not sure if it was worth the headache of rushing to get things done.

Started a new puppet line to go with my crafts this year.

We spent Thanksgiving at the zoo and the girls serenaded the wild turkey.  Quite the comedy act.  Family Thanksgiving was later in the week, so more people could come.

We held our 4th annual cookie party in December.  What a great bunch of people to spend a day with.

When I write it out like this, it was a very busy year.  (Thank goodness for Facebook and saving status updates!)



  1. Luke says to tell you he's glad you're happy. He just wishes he could get over there to finish it... (Not having it done is really bugging him.)

    I love the year re-cap! My year wasn't near as interesting. Except the, "It hurts! It hurts!... I ate a light from the Christmas tree!" Thank you, Peanut!

    I suppose I need to recap my year...

  2. I only was able to do the recap by going back through the whole year on Facebook!

    Tell Luke he can work on it this summer, when maybe I can afford to buy supplies and pay him again.

  3. Hey! It isn't Leo that says, "I can not believe it!" It is Quincy! Get it right... I would think you'd know your Disney characters better than that...

    Krista & Monster


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