Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Happenings - Cookie & Birthday Parties

Saturday, our house was the site of the 4th (at least) Annual Cookie Party.  This pretty much entails: frosting a 5-gallon pail's worth of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies; dipping everything under the sun in chocolate; and eating All. Day. Long.


We invited 24 people and we had 16 people here - which was about the perfect number.  The 9 kids had a blast decorating the cookies.  K and I had done the cookie baking last weekend - and we couldn't find the Christmas cutters, so we had dinosaurs, flowers, cars, teddy bears, and lots of stars and circles.  I use a sour cream sugar cookie recipe, so they aren't so sweet - then we frost the cookies with a cream cheese frosting, again, not so sweet.  Then, when I make the gingerbread cookies, I cut up some of my homemade crystalized ginger, so you get the bite of the spicy ginger.  Yum!  Then, we use about 20 types of sprinkles - everything from standard red and green sugar to cows, pigs, and school buses. (We consider it a yearly challenge to come up with the most original sprinkles.)

Everyone brings a dish to pass, so we don't all succumb to the sugar coma.

Then, the adults dip into the chocolate.  I made four types of homemade marshmallows (easy peasy) vanilla bean, cinnamon, toasted coconut, and caramel covered.  So, we dipped those and dried fruit, nuts, cookies, and whatever else we can dip in chocolate.

Then, we have the picture of the aftermath:

Then, on to Sunday...

Birthday party for K and my nephew.  The kids raked it in.  Thank you to my sister-in-law for hosting that.

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