Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yarn Along - December 28, 2011

I'm yarning along with Ginny again this week. 

It's just the finished pictures of Bug's blanket.  I just "wing" all my blankets, so when I got done with what was supposed to be the center section, I changed my mind.

I ended up doing a shell pattern around the outside and I was going to add more to the ruffle, but she only wanted 3 rows of shells - it was still almost two skeins of yarn.

Here's the blanket:


And as for reading, I just finished:

A Spy in the House (The Agency, #1)

It was a fun read about a girl's school in Victorian England that was training the girls to be independent thinkers, instead of just aiming for marriage or a life on the streets.  The main character, Anna Quinn, had been at the school since she was 12.  Now that she was 17, she was not happy as a junior teacher to the younger girls.  She is inducted into the secret AGENCY where women are sent into roles that are virtually invisible like governess or companion to act as intelligence gatherers/spies for Scotland Yard, among others.

It was a fun book and there are supposed to be a couple more in the series.  I'm going to check with my library to see if they have the other ones, yet.


  1. That blanket looks really pretty! I know what you mean, I do the same...I'm not much for following patterns.

  2. Such a pretty blanket & I love the ruffled trim.

  3. Wish I could just 'wing' my blankets! Guess I'm not brave enough.

  4. that looks like a super warm blanket - love the color burst in the ruffle - have to ask, what was the main part stitch? curious, love the look and might have to try it out.
    Blessings for a Happy New Year

  5. Thanks to all of you for the comments.

    I "Wing" it because I can't count when I crochet - so patterns are like a foreign language to me. I've only completed decent scarves and blankets and some little purses that I made up as I went.

    Karen: the main part is my first (okay 2nd casting on) of the Tunisian stitch. You have a really long hook - kind of like a circular knitting needle and you are always working on the right side of the work. You work across one row adding a stitch to the needle as you go, and then as you do the return for that row, you are working it back off the hook. It makes that really cool square pattern and you don't work in the "Vs" at the top of your work, you work thorugh the "up-and-downs" in the pattern.

    Next step, trying to figure out the Tunisian increase and decrease.


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