Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let Cookie Baking Commence and Solemn News

The girls had Christmas program practice today after CCD. 

Yes, we do CCD on Saturday mornings and we love it!  Two hours for six weeks in the fall and then for six weeks in the spring for the 1st through 8th graders.  The high schoolers go on Wednesday nights.

K is the Mouse.  They are blending "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and the traditional nativity story.  So, she's the little disgusted mouse that thinks Christmas is "gimme, gimme, get it!"

Bug is the Littlest Angel and gets to announce "Jesus is Born!"

Fixit is supposed to be a silent animal (cow) sitting around the manger.  However, silent and Fixit do not go all.... So, we hearn lots of cattle lowing - which is bound to crack everyone up when we do our Christmas program on January 8th.  Yep, January 8th - we do our Christmas program after Christmas.  It's on Epiphany, which is the perfect day for it and it keeps Christmas around longer.  Which is great in this commerce-centered season.

Now, on a more solemn note, the neighbor was supposed to come over and help bake cookies today. However, she had an excellent reason for not coming over.  They own rental property in Pulaski, WI, and their building along with 4 others are total losses after a 5-alarm fire.  23 fire departments were involved bringing water.  40 people were displaced and 2 firefighters were sent to the hospital.  Luckily, my neighbor's renters were fine, but everything was a complete loss.  Neither one had insurance.  (Which I don't understand!)  My neighbors did have insurance on the building, so are hoping that it will be enough to cover the demolition of the building and clean up.

The "good"  part of this all, was that no one was hurt.  My neighbor had his Christmas party for work today and announced what had happened.  With over 200 people there, most people donated the gift cards they had just won and some of the prizes.  So, my neighbors were able to call both renters and give them both gift cards to help with replacing some of their things.  They both said that they felt really good being able to do that.

Sweet Mary, please help all those impacted by this terrible fire.  May they have family and friends and strangers willing to reach out to them and help them.  Will you please help lift them up in this dark time and give them peace. Amen.

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  1. Tell them, everyone involved are in my prayers and thoughts! Also, I wish I could come for the program. It sounds really cute! Are you going to record/tape it?



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