Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Did Not Turn Out

This did not work out at all.


I guess that I really have to learn how to read patterns.  This is evidence that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing when I crochet.  This thing, that we have dubbed "the brain" was supposed to be the starting point to Fixit's blanket.  Hmmmm.

This did not go well.  Seriously, it used two skeins of yarn (...not a bad thing...) but what the heck is it?

I was attempting to make a square.  When the square wasn't working, I started on a circle to make a large oval blanket.  mmm heh...  I would say that I added too many stitches and it took on a mind of it's own.  The pink ruffle was about two yards short of an entire 4 ounce skein of Red Heart - so like 220 yards of yarn in ONE row of double crochet.

S, now the kids have a relatively safe "ball" to use in the house and I get to look for a pattern to actually USE.

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