Wednesday, November 23, 2011

She Took It ALL!

I'm still amazed that The Art Garage wanted my projects for their holiday show. Hmmmmm

I took in some of my stuff yesterday to Ann, for her to review and decide on.  Wouldn't you know that she took ALL of it for the holiday show.  I took in two mushroom houses, two felted mats - bumblebee fields and the ladybug racetrack.  I also took in 4 whimsys of gnomes, 6 pirate maps with pirate gnomes and sea monsters (formerly dragons), and 4 each of my puppets.  Quite the honor, now I just hope they sell.  And now I have to get back to making more stuff for my craft show next week.
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See the pet snail and the dragonfly - gnome mailmen hate dragonflies.
How about the flower petal path to this house?
A gnome whimsy.

Bumblebee fields

Ladybug racetrack.

The back of the pirate jacket
Knight puppet - or if you flip his visor down, he's a football player

Fairy puppet
Princess Puppet

Santa and Reindeer puppets

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