Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bug's 5 Year Checkup!

Bug - age 5
Can you believe it? 

Bug is already 5 and in 4K.  Today, horrible-scheduling Mom that I am, Bug had to miss another day of 4K, because I scheduled an appointment for the morning.  Really?  I'm going to scar her for life by having her miss a day of 4K, that she is already saying is boring, because she is so far ahead of the other kids.

So, we headed to town today and she got to see the doctor for her 5-year checkup.  The Mighty Miss weighed in at 38lbs 9 oz and was 3ft 6inches tall.  Can't get much more symmetrical than 33rd percentile for height and weight.  Perfectly proportionate.

Then, we went on a marathon of chores. First to get the oil changed in the car. Then, I needed some patterns to start using my mountain of fabric.  Then, to Sam's for a miraculously short list of things. Next, to Fleet Farm for boots for Dad.  Finally, to lunch with Daddy.

Thanks to Aunt Bonnie for coming over to watch Fixit and be here when the neighbor got off the bus.  She made them lunch and then we visited this afternoon.  Adult interaction....I love adult interaction!!!!! (Especially with one of my favorite people!)

Tonight, tried to find more room for the home canned stuff on the cupboard.  Um, yeah, right...  I need another set of shelves to hold more jars.  I cooked up the last of the crabapples today to get the apple juice to make jelly tomorrow.

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