Sunday, October 23, 2011

Painting the Pumpkins

We wanted to try something different this year.  (Like no pumpkin guts, no girls getting grossed how by how pumpkin guts feel, Mom having to dig out all the pumpkin guts) You know - an attempt to add a touch of sanity to pumpkin decorating.

So, we decided to paint the pumpkins this year.  K has been chomping at the bit for a week to get these things painted.  This afternoon, after all involved took naps, except Mom.  We had the plastic tablecloth on the tables and the subjects, er, the pumpkins on the table ready to be analyzed, er, decorated.

K had so much fun doing the first side of her pumpkin that she decided to do both sides.

Bug thought that was a cool plan, and decorated both sides of her pumpkin, too.  She even gave her's freckles!

Fixit came to the party a little late aka she had a REALLY good nap.  She was just as excited as the other girls to give her pumpkin a go.

I think we will be doing this from now on.  Seriously, it took 30 minutes to an hour to do BOTH sides of the pumpkins, no pumpkin goo to clean up from everywhere, and we can stick the pumpkins back out on the deck tomorrow.  Plus, we have like 300 bottles of acrylic paint, so every color imaginable to choose from while making our creations.

P.S. Isn't this the cutest little witch you have ever seen?  Bug did a great job drawing it all by herself.

P.P.S. Trying a couple of new things in the kitchen, too.  Cooked some apples in water and made apple juice.  Tastes really good.  So, I canned that.  On the next batch, I will cook it down more, so that it concentrates more.  Then, I also am trying to make pickled dill garlic.  Everyone fights for the garlic anyway, so I'm trying it.  We need to give it about 3 weeks before we can try it.  Oh yeah, figured out why the refrigerator smelled so strongly of garlic.  I had the garlic cloves covered in water in the fridge.  Two of the cloves must have been bad, because they fermented.  Um, let's just say, that is a really gross odor.  The contents of the entire jar were flushed.  Gaack.

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