Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doing the Weekend Hustle

The whole family went to my Mom and Dad's house yesterday morning to make more cider. 
My hubby feeding apples into the disposal

Fixit THREW apples into the wash barrel for a couple of minutes.  But, she was already an old hat at this, so she got bored.  Plus, it was too cold and windy to play outside, so she go to head in the house and watch cartoons. 

Bug was a big helper putting apples into the wash water and she got to man the handle on the hydraulic press.  Eventually, she was cartoon-bound, too. 
Bug manning the hydraulic press with Grandpa
K & Bug with Grandpa

K was a trooper and helped put apples into the wash water, put apples into the apple grinder, and was a big helper with Grandpa manning the squishing station.  She thought it was neat to watch the cider being squeezed out and then be able to peel the dried apple remains from the muslin. 
Dried apple remains

It went much faster by adding the extra step of the apple grinder, before we put them through the disposal.  I haven't heard, but I'm hoping we didn't overload the disposal and kill the motor. It kept getting too hot and stopping. Garbage disposals were never meant for continual running.

Grandma fed us lunch and we headed home for the crew to take a nap.

Today, we all went to church.  I will admit that I forgot that Father Jim was going to be blessing the catechists and commissioning them for the coming year.  So, I started out sitting with the family and ended up sitting with the other catechists.

I think my poor husband got the bad end of that one, even though I didn't think the kids were that bad.  I actually got to sit and LISTEN to Mass and appreciate what was going on, instead of whispering to this kid or that one.

When we got home, Mom was waiting for me and we were going to head in to town to watch THE GREATEST MIRACLE .  This wonderful movie featured the amazing music from Libera. The soundtrack was incredible.  This was a 3D movie - which I had never watched a 3D movie before, so that was interesting its self.  This was an amazing animated Catholic movie celebrating the miracle of every Mass - receiving Christ and preparing for him and keeping him with us all the time, not just at Mass.  There was more than once that I had tears flowing down my cheeks from the wonder I was feeling, the insight into the Mass that I hadn't felt before.

I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can show it to my kids and to my CCD kids.  I will admit that some of the animation was off - the hands were really wonky, but the message was amazing.  Mom and I both got headaches from the 3D portion of it, but it was very powerful without being overwhelming.

To top it off, this Catholic company called Wee Believers paid for the first 100 people at each showing that said "We Believe" at the ticket counter.  I'm looking at some of their things as Christmas presents for the girls.  I love supporting family-owned businesses, especially Catholic companies.  If you get a chance, check them out and at least send them a note through their contact page thanking them for supporting a Catholic film.

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