Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Life

Nothing exciting the last few days.  So today will be in a numbered sort-of display, so I can at least get some thoughts down.

1. I've been dealing with the bank and the car dealership, trying to get the best deal on a new (to me) car loan.  I think that is finalized, or will be when we sign the papers on Monday.

2.  Which leads to: Yeah, we're getting a new (to us) vehicle.  The Jeep has been an awesome vehicle, but we've really managed to put the miles on it.  We've had it since 2003 and in that time frame, we've put almost 200,000 miles on it.  It's kind of a time bomb waiting to go 'Pop' and it wasn't worth it to put any more money into it.

3.  Thank you, Dad!  My Dad bought a new vehicle on Monday and asked the salesman what he would have that we could afford (which at this time is you-know, nothing) and they had just gotten a local trade in with low miles, but it was an older vehicle.  My Dad dropped everything and had me look at it and called to set up an appointment right away for us to look at it.  My Dad is awesome!  Thanks for looking out for me.  I love you!

4. With that: on Monday we will be picking up our new vehicle.  A 2002 Chevy Venture minivan.  Yes, you read that right, a 2002.  It was a local trade and only has 65,000 miles on it.  For the mileage and the price, I can't beat it.  Especially, since the bank is going to be rolling our loans into one loan and I'll still be paying less a month than I currently am on just the car.  So, yes, it's already 10 years old, but it'll be more reliable than my poor 99 Jeep with 210,000 miles.  Plus, it has 8 seats and All-Wheel Drive, which were expensive options back in the day.

5.  Fixit and I headed in to town today to stop at the post office and mail an Ebay sale out (yeah, I'm glad this auction was going overseas to a military wife, because it made me feel better about totally messing up on the postage and WAY undercharging - as in, it cost me money to get rid of stuff.  Yeah, lesson learned) 

6. While in town, Fixit and I went to the library for Preschool Story Hour.  We love Miss Cindy and Miss Kay.  They get to play games, sing songs, dance, goof off, plus hear some stories and do a craft and have a snack.  Quite the hour of fun!

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