Thursday, October 13, 2011

Major Toddler Meltdown

You know when you have that first sense of how a day is going to go, and nothing happens to prove it wrong?  Yeah, that has been my day.

Fixit started out on the wrong side of the bed, and there is only one way to get in and out of her bed. She definitely should have stayed there longer.  She started the day with bags under her eyes.  Before I could even get Bug on the bus this morning, we were already experiencing Major Toddler Meltdown #1.  I HAD to get Bug outside for the bus, since we were running a bit late.  Fixit wanted to come outside with us, but Would.Not.Get.Her.Shoes.On.  Finally, I had to tell her to come out when she had her shoes on.  This started the absolute screaming fit.  When Fixit finally came outside, it was to scream at me.  To top it off, because I wasn't paying any attention to her, and she did not have shoes on, she decided to climb on to the deck railing to yell at me louder.  Not cool!  That part of the deck has got to be 8 feet above the ground over the gravel driveway. So, Bug got on the bus and I ran to Fixit to get her back on the deck.  This all happened within the 3 minutes of leaving the house and the bus coming.

Then, we get inside, where Fixit is either having Major Toddler Meltdown # 2 or Part B of the the 1st one.  She is screaming and throwing things at me.  I spanked her. Hard.  I told her to get me a diaper, so she could get her butt changed.  That's what set off this second episode.  If the kid wasn't so darned pig-headed, she'd be potty trained.  However, she is stubborn and doesn't mind sitting in her own waste, even if it causes her butt to be sore.

Next, K calls from school because she forgot her lunch and she "reallllllllly doesn't like the hot lunch for the day."  If it wouldn't have cost almost $3 to prove a point, I would have let her have hot lunch.  Being the good mom that I am(sometimes), we ran it in to her.

This was all before 8 this morning. 

Please Lord, let me have the patience to make it through the rest of the day without totally losing my cool, even if they are standing on MY.LAST.NERVE.

Fast forward to about noon. 

I'm in the bathroom downstairs when I hear this funny plink, plink noise.  Brand new bathroom. What the heck is that noise?  Please let it not be the creepy mouse that won't get caught in a trap and runs across the living room entrance when I'm sitting in my chair and it Looks at me.  Please...Please...Please. 

Ok, after taking a big breath, I swing the door open.  (Not sure what I'm going to do if I see the darn mouse, not like I have anything to even throw at it.)  What do I see?  Mouse? No. 

No, I see WATER dripping from the ceiling by the bathroom door.  WHAT THE HELLO is going on!!!!  I tear upstairs like a mad woman (oh, yeah, I was!) and there is Fixit in the upstairs bathroom flooding the sink and watching it flow on to the floor.  So, deep breath and proud moment where I didn't absolutely beat her, I turned off the water, and mopped up the bathroom upstairs, so I could come downstairs and repeat mopping. 

Do you know what her reason was for getting everything wet?

"I didn't want to take a nap."

It is now 2:45 and raining outside, so I can't kick them outside.  I do think that I put the fear of God into them, for at least a few hours, and if they step foot in my sight, they are toast.

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