Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Was Not Meant To Be (With Witnesses)

K didn't have school today or the rest of the week and Bug doesn't have school  the rest of the week.  I'm hoping we're able to get some good family time in doing crafty things and whatever we feel like.

Today, K, Fixit, and I took the new van (new to us, 2002 doesn't rank as new in anyone's book) and headed to the grocery store.  Woo Hoo! Field Trip!  They were suitably impressed with the new wheels.

This afternoon, Bug came into the house ALL EXCITED!  Riding her bike as a two-wheeler has been the bane of her existance ever since the beginning of summer.  She decided that she was fine on her training wheels and DIDN'T NEED to ride it as a two-wheeler.  That is, until today, she told me that she could ride it and I HAD to come see.

I figured this was a photo op waiting to happen.  Here's what happened:

Getting ready...

Getting set.......

We never did achieve GO!

I'm pretty sure it was just stage fright and the performing this daring feat in front of a live audience.  So, after she gets over her mad at not being able to do it again, I'll have to start lurking by the bathroom window to see if I can witness this act daring act of survival.

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