Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I Never Thought I Would Say

Somedays as a mother, all you do is damage control.  Somehow, I feel that today is going to be one of those days. (sigh)

It all started yesterday morning with something I never thought I would say. 

Here's the backstory: While eating a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg cups and bacon, Fixit wasn't that hungry so was goofing more than eating.  My husband and I were talking and the kids were eating.  I looked over at Fixit and she had the piece of bacon hanging over her nose.  Huh?!  First thing I never thought I would say: "Get the bacon off your nose!"

Fast forward to this morning.

Fixit was finishing her breakfast, at least that is what I THOUGHT she was doing.  After she was "done," I decided she could have some cartoon time - which generally works well during my email-checking in the morning. 

She started to sneeze like crazy and her eyes were watering.  Not quite normal for her, but everyone has been sneezy lately, so I didn't give it much thought.  Then I realized that she was trying to dig for "treasure."  I made her come by me, and then I realized it was only the left eye that was watering and that side of her nose looked a little off.  I couldn't tell what she had SHOVED up there, but hoped that making her blow her nose would get rid of it.  I really didn't need another Dr's visit, we've had enough of those in the past few weeks.  Luckily, she was able to get the object out with a good blow. 

I'm not exactly sure how much bread was up there, but it was quite the compacted ball of bread.

Hence, the second thing in less than 24 hours that I never thought I would say, "Never shove bread up your nose. Wait! Never shove ANYTHING up your nose!"

And here I thought today would be all about my Anniversary...  I love you, Dear!  Happy 13th Anniversary.

I gotta go check on Fixit and make sure nothing else has ended in a nose.

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