Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy Day with Custom Puppets

Had a wonderful surprise at the beginning of the weekend.  Someone messaged me on Etsy. 

Would I be able to do custom puppets for every child in her class?  Absolutely!

It took a few days to iron out the details, including price - which I was nervous about.

Price was not an issue - phew.  So, I set up my custom listing for 22 puppets! (and received payment promptly!)

So, I am now cutting out circles for felt eys (which is new to me, I usually use googly eyes).  I will be gluing the eyes together for them.  Then, I need to work on some rather custom hair styles - a departure from my normal short hair and pigtails.  Then, I have to sew an assortment of bodies.

Everything needs to be done and ready to be mailed on Friday.  Definitely doable, but I'll be feeling it by the end of the week, especially since I have a 3-hour catechist class on Thursday. 

But, the eyes will be done today, probably even glued.  Then, I can start working on the hair.

If I get desperate, I can plunder from my stock of puppets, but I would prefer to not do that if I can help it.


  1. How exciting, happy crafting, cheers Marie

  2. It is exciting. It's my largest Etsy order to date, and my largest craft sale ever!!!!!!

    I wish I had a better way of doing this, but I have handcut the whites and the colors, now down to the black pupils - wish I had something that will cut through felt, besides scissors. Hole punches DO NOT like felt, and that would be the perfect size. Guess I just keep going in circles! :)

    Plus, I think I'm going to expand my Etsy offerings to include personalized puppets. I just have to remember to take pictures of all my examples, before I send them. That and write down what colors I decided looked really good as eye colors.

  3. You need a Fiskars circle cutter! Or use colored googly eyes!

    Or a Cricut...


  4. When you buy me a Cricut, then I'll start using one...

    Would a Fiskars circle cutter go through felt?

    I totally would have used the colored googly eyes, but they were weird colors.


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