Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It was a Wonderful Weekend

And it's Tuesday when I'm finally getting around to writing this...

Saturday was looked forward to all week.  My husband and I were going to go out and the neighbor was going to watch my children...over night!  (We occasionally swap watching the kids overnight, because it's horribly expensive to find someone to watch 3 kids for 8 hours - eek!)

Bob and I had so much fun.  It was silly how excited we were about this - all week!  We had it all planned out.

We had decided to eat a big lunch instead of going out for dinner, since we wanted to go to a movie and the timing around the show we wanted to go to would have been weird.  We went to a new place that had been recommended to us by a friend.  The Timeline Saloon is a newer place that is actually next to one of the area's biggest Harley Davidson dealers/shops.  I think that there were several reasons that we hadn't tried it before.  One, we aren't Harley people.... not an issue - plenty of Harley representation and plenty of just regular people not in Harley sweatshirts.  And the second, even though it is only 10 minutes from our house, is that is was never on our way to anywhere.  Well, gee, for that food, it's totally worth a little side trip.

We both ordered the lunch BBQ combo platters.  Oh my goodness!  It was SOOOOOO good!  I had the ribs, brisket, and the chicken.  Bob changed out the chicken for the pulled pork.  They have 5 sauces and we didn't know which we would like.  The restaurant has that figured out - you order your meat "naked" and they bring out the sauces in squeeze bottles, so you can try them all.  The Blueberry Heaven was very good on the pork and the chicken - but not an every day choice.  The Hickory had a deep smoke flavor.  The Sweet and Tangy was our favorite - yum.

After stuffing ourselves and still bringing food home, we headed in to Green Bay for an afternoon for us.  We started at the local gaming store, we're friends with the owners, and bought each of the girls a new board game and a new one for us.  Poof - there went the gift card that Bob got from work for his 5-year anniversary, but it was fun.

Then, we headed to Hobby Lobby - where we just wandered.  JoAnn's was a different story, I got some yarn.  Yeah, I know.  Yarn?  Really?  But, I totally had a reason.  Bob picked out some WoolEase chunky for the hat I was making him (and he wore it to work this morning).  Then, I want to participate in Bernat's Mystery Crochet Along starting in February.  I've never done a Crochet Along before, but it sounds like a way to help me build my skills.  Essentially, it's a mystery pattern that you don't know what it's going to look like until the very end when you assemble.  You are given how many skeins of yarn you need, and of course, they want you to buy their yarn, but since you don't know what the pattern is, you don't know how the yarn will end up working together.  So, I bought the yarn (almost - the right stuff) for this Mystery CAL.

After that, we headed over to Barnes & Noble with the giftcards that Bob's grandmother had given us for Christmas.  I bought a sausage making book!  (I can't wait to get over to Dad's and get the sausage stuffer.)  Bob didn't find anything there, but we still had fun looking.

Next, we headed to Shopko and hoped to find a new dartboard.  Ours is 15 years old and bit the dust.  This store didn't have any, but we did get some sweatshirts on clearance.  I really like Shopko's clothes, even though we have to pay a little more.  Their kids' clothes are modest and well-made.  No dressing a 3, 5, or 9 year old in "hoochie mama" clothes, like clothes from Wal-Mart.

Finally, we walked across the mall parking lot to the movie theatre and went to see Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows.  It was better than the first Sherlock Holmes movie.  I can't wait until the 3rd one, because there HAS to be a 3rd one.

We were going to go out for coffee and dessert after the movie, but we ended up going home.  We ate WAY TOO much popcorn, ugh.

Sunday, we got to sleep in.  Which was wonderful, however, we slept late and didn't make it to church..  We played games with the girls, did some housework, and generally goofed off.  It felt wonderful

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