Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Musings in a New Year Jan 2, 2012

Right now...  It is 7:07 a.m. It is COLD (brrrr) outside.  Temperature is about 5F, but the wind chill is below zero.  Everyone in the family has a cold.  Bug is on the bus for the first day back to school.  K is staying home sick after having a stomach bug yesterday.

This weekend...  was New Year's Eve which we brought in as a two-snore salute.  I took Bug to the doctor, because I was sure she had a sinus infection or bronchitis.  According to the doctor, it's just a bad cold.  I better not have to take her back in later this week.  Originally planned on doing something with the neighbors, but we didn't feel good all week, so we did nothing.  I thought about going to Mass Saturday night, but I had been up half the night trying to sleep in my chair with Bug and I'm pretty sure that I would have fallen asleep.  After all, there is always Sunday Mass, right? 

Unfortunately, that didn't happen yesterday.  K woke up vomiting and with diarrhea.  So, instead of getting everyone sick at church and to stay and take care of K, we didn't get to Mass.  I know that it was probably the right choice, but I missed it.

Other than being sick, it was a weekend of relaxation (and taking care of sick people), so it was a weekend of naps and snuggles and drinking ginger ale.  I did manage to get a bunch done on Fixit's new blanket.  Only problem on the stash busting attempt is that I only had one skein of a certain blue, so I think I'll have to go get one or two more skeins of that color.  (But in the interest of stash busting, I had enough of the pink and the white, and I'll end up using probably 5 skeins from the stash.)

Some plans for this week...  Today, call the gas station I applied at to try and set up an appointment.  Working a few nights and some weekends would really help the cash flow around here, with the added benefit of getting me out of the house.  I also need to snuggle with some sick kids and suck down the tea and elderberry syrup myself.

Some time this week, I need to update my letters for forensics judging and get those mailed out.  I would love to judge again, plus the money helps out.

With everyone sick this weekend, the house looks like it.  SO, double time on dishes, laundry, and straightening out.  (There is a benefit to K spilling a box of cereal on the floor - the floor has already been swept! :) )

I took inventory of my Etsy stuff this weekend and it is now contained in one box.  However, that led me to realize that I have LOTS of stuff that I have to take pictures of and get on there.  (I hate setting up my stuff for taking pictures, so I have to get is set up and be able to leave it up for a couple of days, so I can take LOTS of pictures.)

I'm hoping to finish Fixit's blanket, if I can get the rest of my yarn.  I'll check with Mom to see if she can stop after work one day and get them for me. 

Friday, my sweet sister-in-law is coming over for a girl's day.  Ok, all the kids will be here, but we haven't seen each other in over a week.  We're used to seeing each other twice a week, but now that my brother is laid off for the winter, he watches my nephew.

This weekend, we have another play practice at church. Sunday is the day of the big performance.  My kids are so excited.

If I can find time for myself, I want to...  work on Fixit's blanket. Go to the library and get a couple of books.  Ok, in all honesty - I want to kick this cold and feel better.

Some prayer intentions for the week...  That we all start to feel better...that my sister's ankle continues to heal after being casted last week and that she stays off it...that the weather cooperates and my younger sister and her family can make it this weekend...

Something that makes me smile...  Wow, my brain just froze up and I can't think of anything.  I'm not saying that nothing makes me happy, just that my brain is tired and I can't come up with anything right now.

I hooking up with Nadja over at Patch O Dirt Farm today with Monday Musing.  Ok, I've got mine done before here, so we'll see if she does one today. :+)


  1. We wen't through a bout of the same thing at our house. First the stomach bug hit, then a cold. We are all finally shaking the cold. I said a little prayer for your family to get through this. Here's hoping you get lots of quiet peacefull time today to do just a little for yourself and what you enjoy. And I hope you think of something that makes you smile. :o)

  2. Traci, Peanut and I said a prayer together for a hopeful outlook on this coming weekend. He's very excited, as is Monster, and REALLY wants to see everyone. Also, what time is the play on Sunday?



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