Monday, January 2, 2012

Yarn...Precious Yarn....

Stash Buster:

Ok. does it count as a stash buster when you give some of it away?  I think it does and it's my blog, so I get to say "Yes!"  (Down 8 skeins to my mother, today!)

However, I had to really hold back jealous, covetous thoughts, when my mother came over to get some wool yarn. 

Now, I TOLD her that she could come over.  I even showed her which shelves the wool yarn was on.  However, I was not exactly expecting her to take 8 skeins of my precious wool yarn. 

I mean, my mother is going to use it for hats and scarves and socks for the grandchildren.  How could I think evil thoughts about her?  (especially since I showed her the yarn and didn't limit her selection - ok, I did, but only that she couldn't take the Wool-Ease that I have no project planned for, yet).

If you're going to make socks, take ugly yarn.  Nope, she took some cute purple and bright pink and light pink and some green.  I was actually okay with the pink and the bright pink being sent home with my mother.  The green, she could have taken all of the lichen colored green.  I let myself get upset that she took my cool purple and then she took 2 or 3 skeins of my white/cream color.  It was the white that got under my skin.  How dare she take my white wool.

Step back, Satan!

First things, first.  This is my mother.

Secondly, She's making my kids socks.  (and it's my mother!)

Then, I told her what shelves to go shopping from.  (and it's my mother!)

Fine. (agreed to quite begrudgingly)  I hope I at least get a pair of socks out of the deal.

If only I hadn't seen this tutorial Dyeing with Easter Egg Colors today of all days.  I had this urge to turn my wonderful white into gorgeous colorways of my own creation.

Ok. I'm going back to my corner now and working on Fixit's blanket done in wonderful Red Heart acrylic, but it's not as nice as my wool yarn.  sigh


  1. So nice of you to link to my blog! Thanks!
    Grace Ann

  2. I'll mention that you'd like a pair of socks too. Remember, you didn't restrict colors... and it's MOM!


  3. Haha! You have such a cute and creative blog Traci! It matches your etsy shop and I'm sure it matches your personality. :) So nice to 'meet' you! Hope to see you around a lot.



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