Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stash Bash Backwards Momentum

I was doing really well.  I mean REALLY WELL only using things from my stash.

I mean throw-away-the-JoAnn's-flyer-well. 

So, awww, phooey!

I made 4 hats - from the yarn stash - this week.  Only have one model willing to wear theirs in front of the camera. That was 7 skeins of fat yarn.  Yeah Me!

One of the hats plus another one being worked on.
I finished this puppy blanket - another 2 skeins of yarn, plus a little.

Then, this happened:

THIS is a 3 foot tall bag of yarn.  Those skeins on the bottom, those are POUND skeins of yarn.  I haven't counted, but I think there are 23 skeins in there.

So, let us tally.  Skeins out = 9   (go me!)  Skeins in = 23  Net GAIN of yarn, 14 skeins and these things are jumbo sized.  sigh

There is a plan for this yarn from my sister.  I'm being tasked with making an afghan for my brother-in-law.  That would be my 6'7" BIL, so honestly, I'm not sure if this IS enough yarn, but jeepers, now I'm probably going to run out and have to go buy matching yarn to finish it with.  Not sure how I'm going to work in the skeins of hunter orange - maybe a stripe around the outside followed by a dark stripe.

So, this week, the stash bash has been busted.  shrug.

I'm joining up with Crunchy Catholic Momma for her stash bash report - where everyone else made some progress.


  1. I threw away my Joanns flyer too...but I thought about fishing it out a bunch of times. You are still doing great!! Love all the projects this week and just keep moving forward : ) Thanks for joining me in the Stash Bash

  2. I had to laugh out loud at your post..because we've all been there trust me....(I'll tell you a secret...but don't tell crunchy catholic mama **wink wink** I had to bring my son to the dentist yesterday which happened to be next to a Jo-Ann's so I felt the need to go in and buy 2 dresses worth of fabric for my wasn't even a good sale i think I was just going through fabric Here's to hopping that this week we can stay
    P.S. Cute hat the knifty knitter too!!!

  3. I even looked at the fabric when I went with my hubby last weekend and WALKED away from ALL of it. Seriously, it was 50% and I had the 20% off entire purchase coupon, and I walked away.

    oh well, I'm crocheting little hearts and butterflies today that, you know, use NO yarn. I guess as long as my hubby is okay with it, then all is good.

  4. Oh come on... My husband isn't 6'7". He's only 6'3 and 3/4 ". I told you there are 16 3oz blacks, 4 or 5 7 oz navy blues, 4 46oz turquoise, and 2+ 7 oz blaze orange. Total ounces is only 274 plus. Total skeins is 27 or 28... Besides, you said you would... You have my permission to blame Mom for the delivery though... She let Erik borrow her vehicle which in turn allowed all the good stuff to travel across state! (Besides, that is my Stash Basher... I gave you all my yarn except what I need for Luke's quilt.) Love you, Traci!


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