Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Days, It's Just the Little Things

Today is a day of little things.

Little things like:

*being able to enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband, instead of having it after he left for work. (He had the day off.)
*getting to play pirates with Fixit and getting to be the pirate captain!
*enjoying a few hours to myself to do whatever I wanted while my husband took Fixit to the store
*watching the kids play Simon Says in the driveway before getting on the bus
*having the neighbor call "Gun Shot!" instead of "Shotgun!" to be first in line to get on the bus
*playing fetch with the dog in the house and watching her TUG with me and just gently give the ball to Fixit
*catching up on some blog reading
*catching up on some fun reading
*having my husband cook the kids' lunch while I got to do a little running around
*while running around, I picked up hog casings and sausage cure - I'm so excited by this, I'm almost giddy...I know...isn't it silly, but I've wanted to try making our own sausage for EVER and now we'll get to!  (he he, little kid giddy)
*finding out that my Dad doesn't just have a meat grinder, but that he has a sausage stuffer and an ELECTRIC, I don't have to babysit out charcoal smoker, outside, while it's cold!
*ok, really, this whole meat/sausage thing for me has been a dream for a long time - I really was born in the wrong century, I'm good at this self-sufficiency stuff.  But, I'm also glad that I can do it as a hobby instead of as a HAVE TO
*and, getting asked to judge adjudicate two more forencics meets.  I'm up to 6 meets this year, so far!  Last year, I judged 8, which was a personal high for me.  So, I'm still hopeful.  I've learned that I have to send my letters the first week of the year, because no body else thinks of it that early!

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