Friday, January 6, 2012

Popular Toys - How Should They Fit in our Household?

How can I justify the girls having fairies and gnomes and "secular" toys (and me making them - even if they are handmade?)

How do these things fit into the Catholic household that I am trying to achieve?  Why aren't all our toys Saints and Mass Kits and  etc  . . .

I had a revelation about this, because I've really been thinking and praying and pondering.

Imagination = good
Acting out "real world" scenarios = good
good vs evil = good
wholesome activity vs brain-rotting TV time = good
watching them nurture and care for = good

My kids have religious toys.  Probably more than most people I know.  They also love Christian music and they listen to the Rosary on CD.  I will admit that getting the "GOOD" Catholic toys is cost-prohibitive.  They are made by little companies doing things the right way, but they are expensive.  I'm sure the cost is totally justified and that they are worth it, but it only stretches so far.

So, instead of stressing that they got a secular toy with no "meaning" for their birthday or Christmas, or heaven forbid, that I bought it for them....  I'm going to let them be kids and have fun with some of the "popular" toys, while encouraging their choices to go for quality instead of quantity.  (always a problem when the object is how many did I get? - we're working on that, too)

So, as always, it's a work, a progression, an attitude, a self-realization.

p.s. They just have to watch their toy boxes when I get on a role to donate all that "stuff."

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